Buying Vs. Renting a Hyperbaric Oxygen Chamber

hyperbaric chamber rental
hyperbaric chamber rental

When a patient is suffering from an illness that requires undergoing Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT), it is best to rent a chamber. This is because it may not be feasible to visit the clinic or hyperbaric therapy center multiple times to get the therapy; the distance, the medical condition, and various other factors contribute to this. Therefore, a lot of patients rent a chamber to receive treatment at home. This saves time and offers a comfortable environment for hyperbaric therapy.

For example, if the patient is a child with autism, then a comfortable environment may help them receive the therapy without any hassle.

Another benefit of using a rented hyperbaric chamber is that you can receive it according to your requirements. You don’t need to book a schedule at the clinic. It is possible for the patient to simply get in the chamber as advised by their medical professional.

However, hyperbaric chamber rentals depend on several factors. Below we have discussed all these factors to help you make the right decision.

Things to Know When Renting a Hyperbaric Chamber

When renting a hyperbaric chamber, you are reducing the cost of treatment. The total cost of every clinic visit is more than the cost per therapy at home with a rented chamber. And for that you need to make the right decision about hyperbaric chamber rental. Here are some factors to consider before renting a hyperbaric chamber.

Understanding Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy

In most health illnesses, you may require 40-90 minute sessions for a few months. In these cases, hyperbaric chamber rental is an optimum choice. There’s no point in purchasing a chamber when you need it for some weeks or months.

It may be the right choice to purchase the chamber when your doctor may be unsure of how long the therapy will go on or if you need it all the time.

For example, sportspersons buy hyperbaric chambers to recover from rigorous training sessions. They take this therapy for an indefinite time, so purchasing is the right decision here.

How to Operate?

Before you rent a chamber, learn how you can use the chamber. Some chambers are more advanced with simpler controls. If you take these, your hyperbaric chamber rental may be more due to the feasibility it offers. So, arrange a session before making this decision.

Your Requirements

Your hyperbaric chamber rental also depends on the type of chamber you need to purchase.

For instance, usually, you can easily rent a mono-place chamber. These chambers accommodate one person.

Apart from the number of people a chamber can treat at one time, there are two types of chambers: hard and soft. Soft chambers are less expensive, as they have fewer features. These chambers are convenient and affordable. You can receive 96% oxygen at 4.2-7.5PSI in these chambers. On the other hand, more professional chambers are hard units. These are created with steel or acrylic. Features are more and the pressure is high inside these units. These units are feasible in case of decompression sickness or wounds.

In general, hard chambers are rented by clinics and other medical units because of professional use. At home, you can rent a soft chamber. You can also use this chamber for chronic conditions on the suggested pressure.

Safety Inside the Chamber

The final factor that you should check before paying for the hyperbaric chamber rental is the safety of the chamber.

Here are the steps to follow:

  • Take the verification papers from the seller to ensure this chamber has safety controls.
  • Ensure that these records are valid and not forged.
  • Check the guarantee offered by the seller for the chamber on the website or ask for papers of the same.
  • Lastly, check the online data for reviews from previous customers. This would tell a lot about the overall service of the seller and the security of the chamber.

Conclusion: Understanding Hyperbaric Chamber Rentals

Hyperbaric oxygen treatment is the best-preferred method for various diseases, such as Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), decompression sickness, or carbon monoxide poisoning.

Renting a chamber is a more cost-effective and feasible option for patients. Check the above factors that impact hyperbaric chamber rentals to make the right renting decision.