Buying YouTube Subscribers and Views: Does It Help Bring Real Results?


YouTube focuses on content creators every day. More and more individuals are using this social media platform in hopes of gaining fame and generating income from their content.

However, not everyone finds the same success and recognition as other YouTubers, with most individuals struggling to gain views and desired audiences. Finally, many buy promotional services to increase their views and expand their audience.

The important question is: Does buying YouTube subscribers and views help drive real results?

Let’s take a closer look at the answer to this question by looking at some of the pros and cons of buying YouTube views and buying YouTube subscribers using social media promotion services.

Where to buy real YouTube subscribers and views

Now that you’re familiar with the pros and cons of buying YouTube subscribers, views, and other engagement, here are the seven best sites where you can buy real engagement.


buy YouTube views and buy YouTube subscribers One of the best services offering YouTube views and subscribers is .This reliable service provider offers various plans to users to increase their traffic.

Instead of giving you fake followers, the company promises real people to watch your YouTube content and promote views.

Some of the prominent features of the company include superior service quality, prompt delivery and round-the-clock availability of their customer support team. provides its services in three domains where you can buy YouTube subscribers, buy YouTube views or buy YouTube ratings. In addition, it offers targeted followership and active monthly users to keep users active on your account.

Instead of bombarding your channel with mass views, gradually increases your subscriber count to make it look more genuine and trustworthy.

On their website, you can find a variety of plans that you can choose according to your needs and start promoting your channel.

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2. Explore life

Exploreinlife is another most searched platform to increase YouTube views and subscribers.

According to the terms of service, the website does not sell bots. Instead, they offer to advertise your channel by real people throughout the process.

You can easily subscribe to suitable packages through simple payment methods. Once you purchase a suitable package, their team of experts will see to it that you get regular views and real subscribers on your site.

3. How social

Howsociable is a well-known name in social media marketing for its fast and reliable services. It uses organic social media users to help its clients strengthen their social media channels.

Howsociable offers convenient packages with low prices to increase views, likes and subscribers on YouTube. A distinctive feature of the site is that you can use the trial version of the platform for free.

Howsociable is offering 1000 Free YouTube Views or 1000 Free YouTube Subscribers or 1000 Free YouTube Ratings in Trial.

Once you are satisfied with their services, you can choose paid packages containing attractive features to promote your channel.

4. is your best choice if you want quality and speed combined in one platform.

The platform promises 100% authentic social proof of guaranteed quality with instant results. It has a team of social media experts ready to lend their services in promoting your content.

The cost to promote your views is just $5. There are several packages available that you can choose according to your requirements.

5. Expert views

Views Expert claims to offer superior social media marketing and promotion services. Thanks to its extensive user network, it has proven credibility and provides satisfactory results.

Buying YouTube views offered by the platform is organic and real users are actively promoting and engaging with your content. The site also offers its customers cheap pricing packages where you can promote your content for as little as $3.

6. Sonuker

Sonuker is among the top platforms that provide quality services at low prices. She is known for providing organic promotion services to her clients without using automated tools to increase your channel metrics.

Plus, Sonuker offers real engagement, user retention, and organic traffic to your channel to make its growth look more real.

7. Buy more fans

The very name of the company hints at the services that the website provides. Its main goal is to improve the subscriber count of struggling YouTubers.

The platform includes several packages on its website that improve your channel metrics, increase your subscribers and views, and improve your page’s click-through rate by displaying relevant ads.

Why YouTube subscribers and views are important

YouTube’s services focus on video content sources created, viewed or appreciated by users of the platform.

Before we discuss why YouTube subscribers and views are important to content creators, it’s important to define what counts as YouTube subscribers and YouTube views.

YouTube subscribers are organic users who voluntarily follow a particular channel for its content. These real users promote the channel by increasing its viewership.

A high level of active users on your channel exposes your content to a wider audience and attracts targeted traffic and views.

YouTube views indicate the number of times users have watched or re-watched content. A high video view rate indicates that the content is popular and trusted.

High YouTube views and subscribers help content creators promote their video content and earn.

How to get more views and subscribers on YouTube

As mentioned earlier, high YouTube views and subscribers are a must for any YouTube channel to build its credibility and popularity. However, not every content creator is lucky enough to reach a target audience or get enough views on YouTube.

Individuals must actively invest their time, effort and money in building a dedicated audience and views on their YouTube channel.

So how to get more YouTube subscribers and YouTube views?

There are several strategies content creators can use to promote their content organically. These include:

1. Post-Niche specific quality content

Before you start creating content on YouTube, it is very important to choose your target area.

If you don’t have a target niche, you can’t identify your desired audience and create content accordingly.

Once you’ve identified your target niche, it’s equally important to ensure the quality of your content matches the bar set by other content creators in a similar niche.

Specific content and your choice of creating quality content can help you