Can I use sunscreen during Hajj?
Can I use sunscreen during Hajj?

Hajj is an annual pilgrimage and the fifth pillar of Islam. Muslims refer to it as the major pilgrimage, which cleanses the pilgrims from their previous mistakes and sins. Once you decide to perform Hajj, you must adhere to certain regulations. If you follow the instructions appropriately, your pilgrimage to Allah (SWT) will be valid.

We know that without wearing Ihram clothing, pilgrims cannot perform Hajj or Umrah. Additionally, pilgrims are not able to use scented products, such as soaps and lotions, in Ihram. In this context, there is a big confusion in the mind of every pilgrim, “Can I use sunscreen during Hajj?” This whole description will provide you with correct information to clear out the answer.

Using sunscreen during Hajj

Throughout the entire Umrah, you must put on Ihram. Once you reach the state of Ihram, certain pilgrimages laws apply to you. The use of sunscreen is invalid in Ihram. Sunscreen without fragrance would be acceptable in emergencies for individuals who need to use it.

Keep in mind that this is the law for someone who is in Ihram, or pilgrim sanctity, for the five days of Hajj. The pilgrimage needs the cleanliness of a man instead of any outward aroma products. Because it’s a tangible worship that Allah (SWT) accepts quickly. So, it simply needs purity and man’s Niyyah rather than any other additional materials.

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Ways to beat the heat and stay calm with the crowds during Hajj

There are many ways to stay calm with the crowds and beat the heat during Hajj. The below-mentioned can be very beneficial for you:

Carrying a water bottle

Carrying a bottle of water is not a habit that everyone has. It is always preferable to have your water bottle during Hajj rituals while moving from one location to another.

Additionally, it’s beneficial to a carry water bottle even in daily life. There can be an emergency of water when you are in extreme heat and crowded areas.

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Take glucose packets

Picking a couple of glucose packets may be very helpful when you need an extra boost. It’s crucial to be ready because the crowds and rituals can exhaust some people. Just drinking simple water won’t do the trick when you’re feeling dehydrated or dizzy. You can get an extra energy boost from glucose when you need it.

Use an umbrella

An umbrella can be very helpful for you, especially in summer. Use the umbrella that most Hajj groups provide along with the rest of your luggage. The only way to avoid the sun during the hottest days is to carry your shade.

Don’t move unnecessarily

Give yourself a break if the constant activity and the crowds are around. Taking care of and maintaining your energy and fitness levels are more vital than burning out quickly.


By summing, you can use the unscented version of sunscreen/sunblock during Hajj. Moreover, you should be aware of the things that are forbidden during the pilgrimage, such as applying perfume. If you plan to reserve the Hajj packages 2023, you must be informed of the rules. Always read the holy journey’s regulations and guidelines before departing.