Having unique tree decorations can make your tree feel like yours and not just a copy of someone else’s tree. There are many themes and techniques you can use to make a tree that feels right to you. All of these ideas are just foundational suggestions, and you are encouraged to take them and make them your own! Winter Snow Theme A winter snow theme is a classic winter look that you can accomplish pretty easily. You can even cut out your own snowflakes to add a personalized look to the tree. If DIY isn’t your thing, there are plenty of snowflakes on the market you can buy. This tree looks great with cranberry garland, which can add a splash of color. Pair the snowflakes with crystal and sparkly white ornaments, and you are bound to have a breathtaking tree that carries you away to a winter wonderland every time you look at your tree! Sweet-Tooth Tree Who doesn’t love candy? A candy-and-treat-themed tree is a great way to add some fun to your living space. Kids will love this tree, and adults can have a lot of fun with it as well. This tree is all about being playful and letting your innermost, candy-loving child self have their moment. Your color scheme can use all the colors of the candies you choose to use on your tree, and it’s okay if the color scheme on this tree is a little more eclectic. Handmade Decorations DIY Christmas tree decorations are a great way to make a tree that really stands out and that no one else has! You can buy paint-your-own ornament kits or make your own ornaments from scratch. With a little imagination, your ornaments can be as unique as you. Go Vintage Vintage ornaments can add a timeless look to a tree. You can have a completely vintage-themed tree, or you can incorporate vintage ornaments with your modern ornaments. Non-Traditional Colors You don’t have to stick to colors like red, green, silver, or gold. Using some non-traditional colors can add a distinctive pop of color to your tree and showcase your personality. You can even combine one or more traditional colors with non-traditional colors. 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You could even buy Christmas cards with designs you like and attach those. This technique adds a unique and charming look to your tree. Go Rustic Rustic decorations have been popular, and there’s no reason you can’t add them to your Christmas tree as well. Try using buffalo plaid or burlap ribbon as part of your tree. You can also include country and nature-inspired elements. Think wildlife, pinecones, and wood elements. Any real tree can naturally feel rustic, so a rustic theme is pretty easy to accomplish. Keep It Classic A classic-looking tree is always in style, so don’t be afraid to stick with traditional decorations. Kid’s Choice One fun way to make Christmas special for children is to let kiddos choose what they want the tree to be. Ask them what kind of ornaments they want, and go from there. If you have multiple kids, they may each want different things. Find a way to include everyone’s ideas. This process can require some compromise, but it’s a great way to teach creativity and communication and create lasting Christmas memories. It’s also great to start a collection of ornaments for kids. You can get them a few each year, and then they’ll have decorations that they have sentimental attachments to. Bring Back Nostalgia You can choose a tree style that evokes your childhood Christmas. A nostalgic tree can remind you of happy Christmas memories from the past, so adding a little nostalgia to your tree is very personal and adds sentimental value to your decorations. Be True to Yourself The ultimate goal is to decorate a tree that feels true to what you like and who you are. A real Christmas tree is a way to express your values, interests, and Christmas spirit, so take advantage of that opportunity. Don’t be afraid to break some Christmas decorating conventions. Take the time to plan what tree you want because that tree will create special memories for years to come. And if what you try isn’t your favorite tree you’ve decorated, remember that there’s always next Christmas to explore decorating techniques more. The decorating process should be just as fun as the end results.