Carnivorous Diet for Fertility, Is It Really Proven Effective?


Infertility can occur due to problems between husband and wife. Various ways were tried by the pair of two-line fighters to pet the baby. Starting from improving a healthier lifestyle, nutritional intake, and increasing exercise.

Not to forget, some couples try a diet to get pregnant. One of them is the carnivorous diet which followers believe can increase fertility. This strict diet only consumes animal products.

Is it true that a carnivorous diet can help fertility? In addition, are there any health risks for the adherents? Come on, let’s look at the answer together.

1. How does a carnivorous diet work?

People go on a diet to maintain health or beauty. If you want to carry out a carnivorous diet, how do you do it?

As the name suggests “carnivorous diet”, dieters eat only meat, fish, eggs and other animal products. Without any accompanying carbohydrates or other nutrients. Even more extreme, there are those who eat raw meat.

Fluid needs are met by drinking mineral water or bone broth. In addition, they also reduce drinks from plants such as coffee and tea.

2. What are the benefits of a carnivorous diet?

Who wants to lose weight? One of the benefits of this diet can help regulate body weight. Consumption of foods high in animal protein can keep you full and reduce food intake.

Reported by the Healthline page, a carnivorous diet can regulate blood sugar and improve mood. This diet is strict and difficult to follow in the long run.

3. The relationship between carnivorous diet and fertility

Is it true that the carnivorous diet is beneficial for promil? There is no research that proves a carnivorous diet can overcome fertility. Carnivorous dieters who eat raw meat can cause other health problems.

Nutrients do have a positive effect on fertility, for example foods high in folate and plant-based foods. However, a 2018 study in Front Public Health found that red meat consumption was not associated with fertility.

4. Health risks of a carnivore diet

The human body requires adequate nutrients including carbohydrates, fats, fiber, protein, vitamins, and minerals. The strict diet only fulfills a few nutrients. What are the health risks of a carnivorous diet?

In addition to having advantages, the carnivorous diet also has negative effects on the body. Carnivorous diets are high in saturated fat, excess sodium, and bad cholesterol (LDL). This can trigger an increase in cholesterol in the blood, the risk of increasing blood pressure, and the risk of heart disease.

5. Who should not be on a carnivorous diet?

The carnivorous diet is not suitable for people with heart disease and kidney disease. Heart and kidney disease patients require protein restriction. Children, pregnant and lactating women need a balanced diet. Meanwhile, this strict diet can only meet certain nutrients.

The carnivorous diet has not been shown to be beneficial for fertility, but there are other benefits and risks to the body. Are you interested in trying it? Before doing this diet, be sure to consult a doctor first, yes!