Cash in your keys – Smart Strategies to Sell your Car in the UAE


Unlike real estate, cars in UAE are a relatively temporary asset and can be changed, upgraded or switched at any time. For example, sometimes, we just get bored or simply want an upgrade or plan to sell it to liquidate funds during a crisis. The fact also becomes clearer, when the mileage gets higher or surpasses a certain limit due to which maintenance and running costs start to sky-rocket and economically, it does not remain feasible to keep that car.

Whatever the reasons are, you must follow certain smart strategies to sell your car in UAE. Here is our list of a few strategies that can help you sell any car in the UAE. However, before that you must know car selling laws in the UAE.

Car selling laws in the UAE

To sell your car in the UAE, you must keep these legal points in view before proceeding:

  • In UAE, car owners are not allowed to stick any advertising or “For Sale” stickers inside their car windows. If you still overlook the regulation, police would impound the vehicle, whenever found.
  • It is illegal to wash your car on any road or street in Dubai. Yes! No matter which car you have been driving, you cannot clean your used car on the road. The authority will levy a fine of AED100, whenever caught.
  • You cannot sell your car in the UAE without clearing its finances (if you have bought it through a bank), fines or any other outstanding amount.

Understanding the UAE auto market

Initially, it may seem easier but with thousands of new and used cars being traded daily across the UAE, it takes time to understand the UAE auto market. For instance, what is the most popular and in-demand car model in the market and what is the value of your used car? Before you present your car to the customers, conduct a research yourself to get an idea about the demand and average asking price for your car. You can also talk to Carswitch’s experts to help you determine an accurate price to sell your car in UAE.

Condition matters more than mileage

When your car mileage crosses a certain figure, the demand decreases. A tiny scratch and dusty car mats can devalue your car more than you think. However, if your car is in mint condition, it will attract potential buyers looking for a used car. Before planning to sell your car in UAE, invest in a full car service to check and maintain it both inside and out.

Set a competitive price

Before putting up your car for sale in UAE, you must finalize the price. You can get a competitive price idea by checking other online ads for the similar car model, in terms of mileage and condition. Do not devalue your car by asking a lower price as compared to others, in the hope of selling it faster. You must quote a fair price, which you can discuss with an expert before advertising your car online.

Another tip to sell your car quickly is that you can offer it on both instant cash or car lease options.

Every document must be up-to-date

Trust plays a crucial role when it comes to closing a deal between two parties. However, any gap in service history or an incomplete document can immediately put off a potential buyer. Before buying any car, the buyer wants to know the full history so that there will be no surprises waiting for him in the coming days. Therefore, make sure to keep all receipts, service stamps, notes and documents in one file for the buyer’s convenience.

No outstanding finance

If you have taken a bank loan to buy a car in Dubai and there is outstanding finance that needs to be paid off, yet. You cannot sell and transfer the car’s ownership unless the bank clarifies that it is acceptable for the sale to go ahead. It is illegal in the UAE to sell a car privately, if there is outstanding finance. You can discuss this matter in advance with the car dealership representative, if they are willing to settle your loan with no hassle.

You must also remember that you have to pass the RTA’s annual road inspection to sell your car in UAE and have an up-to-date certificate before advertising it.

Select a reliable car dealership

Going to an auction or selling a car in UAE through word of mouth are two conventional methods, which may save you a few hundred dirhams but can take a lot of time. Now, every other business is online and so are the car dealers. If you prefer a hassle-free selling process, you must consider selling your car in UAE to a reputable car dealership.

And all you need is to find a reliable car dealership – as they have experts who buy and sell used cars on a regular basis.

When it comes to selling your car in UAE through a reliable dealership, you will experience huge exposure in less time. Investing in a pre-owned vehicle is a viable option for these dealerships as well and they are always looking for good quality second-hand vehicles to have a fresh batch in their showrooms.