Cate Blanchett Recalls ‘Brutal’ Treatment By A Director In Rehearsal Room

Cate Blanchett Recalls 'Brutal' Treatment by a Director in Rehearsal Room

The ‘Thor: Ragnarok’ Actress Talks About Her Early Days In Hollywood As She Explains How She Could Relate To Her Character Lydia Tar In Her New Feature Film.

AceShowbiz – Cate Blanchett recalls being “brutally” treated by a director earlier in her career. The 53-year-old actress stars in the new movie “Tar” as composer Lydia Tar and remembered how she could relate to a scene where her character ridicules a student although she claims that the harsh words ultimately proved beneficial for her.

“Oh, early on in my career I would sometimes be treated brutally by a director in the rehearsal room. Yet I ended up making a massive breakthrough because of it. To be frank, I wouldn’t be here now if that sort of thing hadn’t happened,” Cate told The Times newspaper.