Causes of Windscreen Damage

People must wear helmets while driving motorbikes to avoid head injuries; however, that is not the only reason. The air hits their face with high pressure, which causes great inconvenience and can even disturb their balance, leading to accidents. This is a major reason vehicles have been designed with a windscreen that prevents air pressure from affecting the drivers and passengers.

However, the windscreens often get damaged, bearing the test of time. The damage can make the windscreen shatter randomly. If you happen to be driving the vehicle at that time, the shattered glass particles can injure you and even take your life then and there. So, you should learn about damages and not take them lightly for your own safety and wellbeing.

Get into the details of this article to explore and learn more about the common causes of windscreen damage you need to watch out for.

Top 7 Causes of Windscreen Damage You Must Know

Windscreens are an integral part of vehicles. They not only save the interior from pressure, temperature changes, and debris but also ensure the ease of drivers and passengers. Although windscreens are made up of strong glass, they are delicate and can shatter in adverse conditions. You should be aware of common causes of damage to avoid them and ensure your safety.

Some of the major causes of windscreen damage you must know about to take necessary precautions and measures include the following:

1. Incorrect Installation

Incorrect installation is one of the major and most common causes of windscreen damage you need to watch out for. Poor installation can result in a loose windscreen. Even if you drive the car at a normal speed, the loose-fitted screen will keep vibrating and might even shatter. Trusting only expert technicians is the best way to avoid this issue. This is why most people opt for professional replacement windscreen London services to get it done with proper techniques.

2. Road Accident

Road accidents are also an important and common cause of windscreen damage you must be aware of. If you hit your car into something like an oncoming vehicle, roadside poll, or tree, the windscreen can shatter. Any type of collision on the road can result in a shattered windscreen, so you must drive quite carefully. The shattered windscreen will not only cause monetary loss but endanger your life too.

3. Extreme Temperatures

Extreme temperatures, which are becoming quite common due to climate change, are another leading cause of windscreen damage. Extreme heat can melt the screen, and extremely cold temperatures can cause expansion. If there are sudden and frequent fluctuations in temperature, the windscreen can affect intense pressure and shatter randomly. You should park your car in a controlled area to limit this type of damage.

4. Road Debris

Road debris is another leading cause of windscreen damage you must be aware of. Unlike other causes of damage, road debris does not make the windscreen to shatter on the spur of the moment. Dust particles and stones can keep affecting the windscreen for a long time until it gets too scratchy to hinder vision. Such damage is a result of wear and tear, and you can replace the windscreen when you feel it is affecting vision while driving.

5. Bad Weather

Another common cause of windscreen damage you should be aware of is the bad weather. Thunderstorms, hailstorms, heavy rainfall, and hurricanes can all put your vehicle safety at risk and even cause the windscreen to shatter. If you prefer to park the car in the open, the damage is unavoidable. You can opt to park the car in a close and covered space in case of poor weather prediction and avoid major loss.

6. Cracks and Chips

Cracks and chips are another leading cause of windscreen damage you need to watch out for. Chips are often the work of long wear and tear; however, cracks can occur suddenly due to something hitting the screen. At times the windscreen shatters immediately in case of cracks, while at other times, chips and cracks only cause inconvenience while driving. Whatever the case, you should get the windscreen replaced to drive safely and comfortably.

7. Poor Quality Glass

The last cause of windscreen damage you must watch out for is the poor-quality glass. A special type of glass is used in windscreens which has higher strength and resistance. However, all service providers do not use high-quality glass and resort to the one with poor quality. It helps them save a few bucks but can endanger your life. You should contact replacement windscreen technicians in London and get a high-quality glass screen that does not shatter.

Is any of the causes affecting your windscreen?

If you notice any damage or a cause that might damage your windscreen, you should inspect it closely. In case you are unsure about damage, contact the expert technician to get a consultation and replace the windscreen to boost your safety.