You Should Know Before Enrolling in the CEA REAS Course


To be registered, real estate salesperson (or self-employed agents) must either pass the Council for Estate Agencies (CEA) Real Estate Salesperson (RES) test or have another credential that is regarded equivalent.

When you take the CEA REAS Course, you will gain a full understanding of industry ideas as well as agency practice norms. Real estate agents who want to work in the field must get sufficient training and education while following to high ethical standards, which assists the CEA in achieving its goal of maintaining an industry standard.

What Is the CEA REAS Course?

Everyone interested in working in real estate must first complete the Real Estate Sales Associate (RES) Course. The time required to complete the CEA REAS Course varies depending on whether you attend morning or evening classes.

After finishing the course, students will have two years to take the RES Test.

According to the Estate Agents Act, prospective candidates must enroll in and complete a CEA-approved course provider before becoming licensed estate agents.

The following factors influence CEA’s decision to apply this limitation:

  • Establish the quality and expectation threshold for all prospective real estate agents interested in working with estate firms.
  • Confirm the degree of education and experience of the real estate agents.
  • Having a solid awareness of and commitment to strong moral standards.

This course covers a wide range of topics, including ethical behavior, adherence with governmental laws and regulations, and real estate agency policies, rules, and standards. The course curriculum covers a wide range of topics.

CEA REAS Course Prerequisites

To be admitted to the CEA REAS Course, the following conditions must be met:

  • You must be a Singaporean citizen or residency permit to apply.
  • You have to be at least 21 years old to apply.
  • It must meet the CEA’s suitability and relevance standards, as well as have four GCE “O” Level grades or the equivalent.

Announcement of CEA REAS Course Exam Results

The CEA-approved Examination Administrator shall notify the candidates who took the exam via email four to six weeks after the CEA REAS Course Exams are completed.

In the email sent to candidates, four alternative outcomes will be listed:

  • Pass (P) (P)
  • Fail (F) (F)
  • Pass Paper 1 but fail Paper 2 (P1 F2)
  • Pass Paper 1 but fail Paper 2 (F1 P2)

As previously stated, only the third and fourth results allow a candidate to repeat the exam that failed the first time.

When your course is completed, a two-year validity period begins, during which you must pass the final test. It is critical that you remember this if you are taking the test more than once.

If you do not pass the Best CEA REAS Course Provider, you must retake it before taking the Final papers.

You got it correctly. If you do not sit for the forthcoming exam within the permitted two-year timeframe, all previous exams you passed will be ruled invalid.

It is required to attend one of our regular schedule, no-cost RES Test Revision sessions. You can contact us by clicking the attached link.

Appeal for CEA REAS Course Exam Results

If you believe you should have passed the tests but did not, you can file an appeal with SEAMEO RELC, the designated Exam Administrator, and request that they evaluate your papers and assess whether or not you should have passed.

The appeal must be filed within five business days of the day the test results were made public.

Please be advised that the assessment of each different document will incur a one-time fee of $64.20. (including GST). This expense is not refundable.