Cenforce is one of the most Pills in the treatment of ED

Cenforce is one of the most Pills in the treatment of ED

Cenforce was born as the world’s first treatment for ED. It should be noted that taking sildenafil, but it should be recognized as a drug that supports the condition of an e*ection caused by physical stimulation. Therefore, please be assured that taking sildenafil 100 will not cause you to have an e*ection unknowingly.

At the same time as treatment using the ED treatment. Drugs that can be expected to be effective for ED.

Developed as a treatment for angina

The active ingredient of Viagra is “sildenafil,” and the clinical trial was started as an ED treatment drug because the effect of e*ection was reported during the study on angina in adult males.

The effect of cenforce

The effect, efficacy, and mechanism of action of sildenafil

Before explaining the effects, effectiveness, and mechanism of action of Cenforce, I would like to explain the mechanism of malefunaction.

However, it is inconvenient if the e*ection continues, so the human body is equipped with the enzyme “PDE-5” that suppresses e*ection. This enzyme called “PDE-5” has the function of decomposing “cGMP.” When physical arousal subsides, “PDE-5” breaks down “cGMP,” and the e*ection converges.

ED (erectile dysfunction) occurs when “PDE-5” is also predominant during physical intercourse. Cenforce 100 USA promotes e*ection because it has the effect of inhibiting the action of this “PDE-5”.

Duration of cenforce 100 effect

The duration of the effect of cenforce 100 mg tablet is about 4 to 5 hours.

It is absorbed into the body about 40 minutes to 1 hour after taking it, and the effect begins to appear, so it is recommended to take it 1 hour before physical activity.

Cenforce active ingredient

The active ingredient of Cenforce is “sildenafil.”

Initially, it was studied as a drug for angina. However, the ability to improve erectile dysfunction was discovered, and development began as the world’s first ED treatment drug.

How to use Cenforce?

Appropriate to take 1 hour before physical activity

Buy Cenforce 100 mg begins to feel effective about 40 minutes to 1 hour after taking it. Therefore, it may be appropriate to take it 1 hour before physical activity. The duration of the effect of fildena 100 is about 4 to 5 hours.

Take once a day (open 24 hours)

Cenforce 200 mg can only be taken 1 tablet daily. This is the same for other ED treatments. You can take it every day without any problem. Also, some people may take Sildenafil 100mg in half because it is too effective to take one tablet or because they want a slightly more gradual effect. In that case, wrap half of the tablets that you did not take in a wrap or put them in a sealed container so that they will not come in contact with moisture.

Cenforce is absorbed from the intestines and supports erectile function. However, if taken after meals, a film of oil will form on the intestinal wall, making it difficult for Cenforce components to be absorbed. Therefore, if you take Cenforce after a meal, you will not feel the effect. Take vidalista 20 and vidalista 60 before meals and wait about 30 minutes before eating. Also, if you must take it after meals.

Drinking to be careful

when taken with grapefruit juice, it can be overkill and can cause unexpected side effects. Basically, take it with water, and if there is no water, take it with tea or soft drinks.

About the combination of Cenforce and alcohol

The combination of Cenforce and alcohol can have a positive or negative effect on some people. For example, people who are nervous about physical activity can relax with moderate drinking, which can be expected to enhance the impact of Cenforce. However, if you consume too much alcohol, the transmission from the brain to the nerves will be impaired, making it difficult to get an e*ection or ejaculation.

In addition, both alcohol and Cenforce have the effect of dilating blood vessels, which can lead to anemia due to synergistic effects. In addition, since cenforce 100 mg tablet improves blood flow and makes it easier for alcohol to flow, people vulnerable to alcohol should avoid using Viagra and alcohol together.