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Share some Cyber Technician (CCT) 212-82 exam questions and answers below.
Cassius, a security professional, works for the risk management team in an organization. The team is responsible for performing various activities involved in the risk management process. In this process, Cassius was instructed to select and implement appropriate controls on the identified risks in order to address the risks based on their severity level.
Which of the following risk management phases was Cassius instructed to perform in the above scenario?
A. Risk analysis
B. Risk treatment
C. Risk prioritization
D. Risk identification
Answer: B

You are a penetration tester working to test the user awareness of the employees of the client xyz. You harvested two employees’ emails from some public sources and are creating a client-side backdoor to send it to the employees via email.
Which stage of the cyber kill chain are you at?
A. Reconnaissance
B. Command and control
C. Weaponization
D. Exploitation
Answer: C

Stephen, a security professional at an organization, was instructed to implement security measures that prevent corporate data leakage on employees’ mobile devices. For this purpose, he employed a technique using which all personal and corporate data are isolated on an employee’s mobile device. Using this technique, corporate applications do not have any control of or communication with the private applications or data of the employees.
Which of the following techniques has Stephen implemented in the above scenario?
A. Full device encryption
B. Geofencing
C. Containerization
D. OTA updates
Answer: C

Rickson, a security professional at an organization, was instructed to establish short-range communication between devices within a range of 10 cm. For this purpose, he used a mobile connection method that employs electromagnetic induction to enable communication between devices. The mobile connection method selected by Rickson can also read RFID tags and establish Bluetooth connections with nearby devices to exchange information such as images and contact lists.
Which of the following mobile connection methods has Rickson used in above scenario?
B. Satcom
C. Cellular communication
Answer: A

In an organization, all the servers and database systems are guarded in a sealed room with a single entry point. The entrance is protected with a physical lock system that requires typing a sequence of numbers and letters by using a rotating dial that intermingles with several other rotating discs.
Which of the following types of physical locks is used by the organization in the above scenario?
A. Digital locks
B. Combination locks
C. Mechanical locks
D. Electromagnetic locks
Answer: B

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