Certified Legal Translation Services

Certified Legal Translation Services In Your Neighborhood

Need Certified Legal Translation services but don’t know where to turn? CTS provides reliable and trustworthy legal translations in your local area. Let us help you understand complex documents with our high-quality, accurate and efficient services.

What Are The Benefits Of CTS Legal Document Translation Services?

With CTS Legal Document Translation Services, you can be sure you are getting the highest quality legal translations. Our experienced and qualified translators are certified in their particular language and have a comprehensive understanding of your specific legal requirements.

CTS is the perfect choice for any legal translation need. We understand that translations of legal documents require accuracy and continuity across languages, making sure all terms are perfectly translated with no room for interpretation. Our certified translators guarantee you 100% accurate and complete translations, with an experience that is both fast and reliable. Additionally, we ensure your information remains confidential throughout the entire process, as well as offering competitive prices to suit your budget. With CTS Legal Document Translation Services, there’s no reason not to feel confident in your translations!

Online Legal Document Translation In English

CTS offers online certified legal document translation in multiple languages. Whether you need your documents translated into English, Spanish, French, Chinese or any language you can imagine, we are there to assist you. We understand that legal documents are often difficult to translate because of the specialized vocabulary and complex wording used in each language. That’s why our team of linguists works hard to ensure that every document is accurately translated with the highest standard of quality assurance procedures.

CTS also offers fast turnaround times with a turnaround as quick as one day, which significantly decrease time and costs associated with document translation. We also offer low rates compared to many of our competitors, making it easy for you to access the legal document translations services that you need. CTS employs native-speaking translators who are knowledgeable in their respective language fields and have the expertise to provide translators that accurately capture the nuances of your legal documents so that no information is lost in translation.

Certified Sworn Translation Services In India

CTS also provides Certified Document Translation and sworn translation services in India. Our team will have all of your document translations done accurately, quickly and efficiently – so you don’t have to worry about time consuming, confusing translations anymore.

Whether you’re looking for a legal translation or a certification translation, CTS has the expertise and experience to get the job done to your satisfaction. We offer multiple levels of certifications such as Sworn translator, Legal Notice Recipient, Certified Court Interpreter, and more. To make sure we provide quality translations, all of our translators must adhere to our standards and have obtained the necessary certification to do legal translations. So if you’re looking for a reliable service that offers fast and accurate Legal Translation Services Near Me, look no further than CTS.

What Is Range Of Languages Supported By CTS?

CTS offers certified legal translation services in a variety of languages such as German, French, Spanish, Italian, Arabic, Chinese and more. Our team of experienced translators uses cutting edge technology to accurately and efficiently translate documents so you can be sure that all your document translations are accurate. We will work with you to ensure that each language is translated correctly for your specific use case.

Our experienced translators have the experience and qualifications to accurately translate your legal documents for use in businesses, law firms, governments and other organizations. We are adept at translating into a variety of different languages including English, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Arabic, Chinese and many more. We know how important it is that all legal documents are translated correctly to avoid any misunderstandings or miscommunications and will work closely with you to ensure that all translations are done accurately and professionally.

How Can I Receive My Documents After Translation?

Once we have completed our legal translation service, you can receive your documents in a number of ways. We offer three main options to receive your translated documents: via mail, pickup or electronic delivery. Each option has its own set of requirements that must be met before you can receive the documents. If you opt for electronic delivery of your translated document, we will send it to your email address as soon as possible.


With CTS, you can rest assured knowing that all of your legal translation requirements will be fulfilled quickly and accurately. We offer a range of services to help meet the needs of our customers and make it easy for them to receive their documents. From mail delivery to electronic release, you can choose which method works best for you. With our top-notch professional translation services, you’ll have peace of mind that your translated document will be accurate and error-free. No matter how complex or urgent your legal translation needs may be, CTS is here to help.