Chains and how they can make you shine



The only accessory besides rings that men have been wearing for ages is the gold chain. A gold chain was an acceptable accessory and was a symbol of wealth or prosperity. The chain has many designs and a lot of options in matters of thickness. The versatility of a gold chain has never been noticed till there was a shift and the designs available in the market changed completely. The fluidity of accessories and clothes meant ladies could shop from the men’s section and so on. How exactly did the chains become a symbol of simplicity and class amidst this? Let’s find out.

The pendant and ring holder

The best part about gold chains is that they can be the supporting piece of jewellery as well as the main one. Gold chains can be used along with a pendant and you can keep changing the pendant according to your mood and your dress code. When you wear it with a pendant, the chain gets lost and yet if the chain is too sleek or too thick it can affect your outfit adversely. A lot of people who have outgrown their rings or cannot wear them as a part of their uniform at work, wear their rings in their chains.

The traditional touch

The first gift after marriage or after a baby is born is generally a gold chain. A beginning is often commemorated by presenting the girl or boy with a gold chain. There are many cultures that consider a gold chain as a mark of respect and present it to elders or newcomers in the family. The traditional design of a gold chain is a thing of the past and newer additions to the market have made gold chains the chosen ones by the newer generation too.

The new designs and trends

The flow of designs in the market was more when people realized the potential of chains and what you could do with that simple shape. The links can be hearts, flowers, twists, and the possibilities are endless. To add a bit of drama to these chains, the links can go from being simple to over-the-top designs that look like they are a part of the chain but give a sense of continuity with a beautiful link. The trend of asymmetrical chains is quite the rage. For people who like symmetry, there are chains that have designs on both sides of the chain and look beautiful on all sorts of outfits from daily wear to office wear.

Mixed metals and eclectic shapes

With the kind of designs that have come up in the last few years, gold chains themselves are sufficient and don’t need a pendant or anything else to make them more attractive. One of the other trends that have taken over the fashion world is the mixing of gold and silver in the same chain. Alternate links or having a woven pattern with both colours give the chain an edge and adaptability as well. The inclusion of eclectic shapes has also given the world of chains a boost. Whether you are looking for a geometric motif or a floral design, there is something for everyone.

Gold chains have changed their image completely in the last few years and styling them is much more fun!