In 2020, the American Airlines manager was gunned down during a morning walk with his wife and dog.
Two years later, his wife, Jennifer, pleaded guilty for her role in orchestrating his death.
Commerce Department reported last month that major corporations were extremely profitable in 2021.
But small business owners say they are struggling to compete as prices continue to rise.
CBS News reporter Sarah Ewall-Wice joins Elaine Quijano to discuss.
Apr 24 13:14 Christopher Wray: The 60 Minutes Interview In a rare interview, Wray speaks with Scott Pelley about how the Bureau is engaging the war in Ukraine while fighting rising violence at home and foreign and domestic terrorism. The first commercial crew to visit the space station is targeting splashdown off the coast of Jacksonville.
Trouble getting the Axiom-1 crew back to Earth triggers domino-like delays for upcoming missions.
A look at the evidence in “The Dexter Killer” case; plus, newly revealed letters from the man police say wanted to be like fictional serial-killer Dexter Morgan.
Which state has the highest proportion of gun owners?
Apr 24 13:19 Companies racing to develop eVTOL “air taxis” Anderson Cooper reports on eVTOLs, flying vehicles that may one day be the answer to bumper-to-bumper traffic.
Apr 20 Meet the official dog of Boston Marathon Spencer is a therapy dog who has gone to the Boston Marathon since 2015 and gained quite a following as an inspiration to the runners.
Apr 20 03:46 Toddler praises teachers in viral video A Montana mom shared a video of her toddler praising her teachers, and it quickly went viral.
Apr 20 00:23 CBS Reports More CBS Reports Are the Kids All Right?
Apr 21 27:28 Welcome to the Metaverse This CBS Reports documentary immerses into the lives of early adopters of the metaverse – both real and virtual – on their quest to create a new path to wealth.
Mar 24 46:29 The QAnon Effect What started out as a fringe conspiracy theory in 2017 has recently spread into the mainstream.