Chic country style: our room-by-room decoration tips


Timeless and going through time without taking wrinkles, the chic country style makes your interior warm while remaining contemporary. With multiple facets, the country spirit can just as well be romantic, rustic, bucolic or even so British! This style of decoration invites high quality natural materials such as wood, rattan, linen and cotton to stage them in an elegant play with an addition of modern lamps, soft and delicate pastel colors and simple furniture.

Do you dream of going back to basics and bringing a little simplicity to your interior? That’s good, we give you all our tips and tricks to let the serenity and the sweetness of life invade your interior, room by room!

How to arrange a country and rustic style living room?

White decorations in the form of home accessories and textiles ensure a harmonious and cozy atmosphere in your  rustic living room. This room is probably where you spend the most time. You can rest there, relax, watch your favorite series and laugh with your family and friends.

It is therefore essential that the white decoration pleasantly complements the furniture. Create yourself, if you feel like it, a bubble of well-being with large plaids, linen or cotton cushions and woven rugs. Add some discreet geometric patterns on a light background and highlight the rusticity of your white living room.

Shabby and vintage style elements   in zinc or copper also go well together in a living room with country charm.

Three tips for a successful rustic and elegant living room decoration

1) The country house style is a classic, generally very popular! Be sure to create a comfortable and authentic environment in your  rustic living room, including using natural materials such as wood and rattan, as well as pastel shades.

2) White furniture is inviting and bright. In combination with natural wood, they create a warm and cozy atmosphere. Essential for a country-style living room!

3) Pretty decorative objects with a bucolic charm associated with floral details perfectly complement the “country house” style.

The essential elements for a chic country bedroom

To create a very romantic atmosphere in your bedroom, we first opt ​​for a large light beige natural fiber rug on which your bed with rounded wrought iron legs finds its place. Finally, we play on a series of accessories such as very soft plaids, candles or small vases with bouquets of dried flowers to bring both cocooning and simplicity to the room. Also discover our article on these original bouquets for your interior!

Chic country atmosphere in the bathroom

In the bathroom, we particularly like to choose raw materials such as wood and colors that are both soft and deep, such as midnight blue, white or grey. You can also play on all the shades of beige undeniably reminiscent of the countryside. Your bathroom becomes bright. We also love wallpaper with original patterns that give a lot of charm to the room. For the floor, let yourself be convinced by very chic black and white cement tiles. Finally, we love all the slightly vintage accessories. An aged wooden ladder for towels, a large gilded mirror and wicker baskets to store all your belongings and you’re done for a bathroom with a natural and modern look.

How to furnish an entrance in a country house style?

For a charming entrance, adopt light tones and mix natural materials with wrought iron elements. A wooden bench seat with a large light beige cushion, coat racks like at school or many wicker accessories such as hats or baskets, instantly recall the countryside. On a console or chest of drawers, place a large lamp with a patinated wooden foot and finish the decoration with a touch of greenery with a green plant.

The ideal materials for a country-style office

For the office, combine wood and metal and multiply the accessories. If you want a trendy upcycled spirit, your office may have been picked up at a flea market. You can also be tempted by leather elements bringing a touch of character. A large round pouf can easily decorate the room. For decoration, a metal lamp, a large clock and wooden shelves allow you to classify all your files in a piece of furniture that is both imposing and sober.

It is therefore easy to bring this warm country atmosphere into the house. If you don’t want a total look, concentrate your decoration on the main rooms!

How to create a chic country atmosphere in your kitchen?

For  the kitchen: the country style is a great classic in this room. We particularly like the friendly side and the spirit of yesteryear! But to stay modern, find out how to mix materials to enhance your kitchen!

  • Rustic atmosphereWe put everything on a large imposing wooden table inviting conviviality. For kitchen furniture, we love the olive green hue, which is both soft and relaxing. We replace the doors of the low cabinets with beige linen curtains and we choose a large rectangular ceramic sink.
  • Country but contemporary atmosphere
    Here, fearlessly mix a large worktop with modern upholstery with very sober wooden stools. Your kitchen furniture is in patinated wood but you have chosen very trendy gray metal suspensions. Savor country house style while staying in town with these material pairings.

Top 5 essential furniture and accessories for a chic country decor

In decoration, the main elements that sign the style are of course the furniture! For a very chic country house style, choose them with a patina and light distressing. Check for examples at Homary! Sometimes imposing but always in light tones, they set the tone for your decoration. Selection of the best pieces not to forget!

The timeless dresser: In wood with glass doors, it gives a glimpse of your white ceramic crockery and gives style to the dining room.

A large clock in wood and iron: an imposing piece, it can bring character to any room. In the kitchen, the living room or the entrance, let time pass with class.

Oval, gilded and vintage mirrors: they give depth to the living room and allow you to escape for a moment as if to catch a glimpse of the spirit of yesteryear!

A wooden workbench for the bathroom allows you to place your sink and carefully store all your bath linen.

Finally, who says country style obviously says dried flowers. In soliflores, zinc pitchers or round vases in natural materials, decorate your whole house with this charming country touch!

The country house style is therefore a great classic in decoration. Whether you choose a total look or small touches, be sure to succeed in your bet and bring a warm, cozy and friendly atmosphere to your interior.