China Adhesive Manufacturers


What connects shower gel bottles, soccer cleats and cars? Glue!

Glue has been used for millennia to bond materials together. From Tutankhamun’s mask and modern smartphones, glue has long played an essential part of human life and provides significant employment in many nations.

Strong Manufacturing Base

China’s adhesive manufacturers have made significant advances in research and development, positioning themselves globally competitive. Furthermore, they have adopted stringent quality control measures to guarantee product safety as well as possessing an expansive manufacturing base to offer top quality adhesive products at cost-effective prices.

Reactive adhesives are widely utilized in medical devices like cell phones, computers and blood-glucose meters for providing a strong bond that resists moisture, heat and shock. With increasing demand for medical devices comes increased market growth for reactive adhesives.

Henkel’s Loctite brand enjoys an outstanding reputation within the adhesives and sealants industry, being sold in 130 countries globally with various industrial applications. A strong manufacturing base and strong emphasis on research & development play a large part in Henkel’s success; in 2017 Henkel recorded sales of approximately 2.7 billion euros with future expansion expected as well.

Focus on Research & Development

China adhesive manufacturers have invested significantly in research and development to enhance their products, which has allowed them to compete with larger global firms while offering customers multiple choices when choosing an adhesive suitable for them.

Henkel holds an industry-leading position in industrial adhesives, sealants and functional coatings worldwide. Their cutting-edge product portfolio and technology provide innovative solutions across various industries.

Henkel announced recently that they will establish an innovation center in Shanghai to bolster their presence in the Chinese market and broaden their technological expertise. Furthermore, this investment strengthens Henkel’s partnership with Richland Capital of Beijing which specialises in emerging technology investments; Henkel will become a limited partner of their fund to gain access to China’s growing start-up scene via limited partner status with their fund and access its wide array of start-up opportunities in China. Eventually this facility will house Henkel’s Asia-Pacific Innovation Center for Adhesives

Low Cost of Production

Adhesives have long been used by humans for various purposes; from helping pharaohs seal King Tut’s tomb in ancient Egypt to airtight bonding of planks for shipbuilding by Romans. Today they serve a multitude of industries and remain one of the fastest-growing segments of the global chemicals market.

Adhesives are in high demand across many industries, such as new energy, 5G, aerospace, electronics and automotive. This trend is projected to drive global consumption of adhesives up by 2025.

Food and beverage industries are expected to drive China’s cold-seal adhesive market forward through flexible packaging’s increased usage in food & beverage production. Flexible packaging extends shelf life while decreasing waste while providing convenient access to consumers. Solvent-free and solvent-based lamination adhesives have grown increasingly popular as sustainable tools in this sector, while eliminating harmful chemical usage through reduced solvent usage.

Eco-Friendly Adhesives

As environmental awareness rises, China adhesive manufacturers are turning “green”. By creating eco-friendly products and helping reduce carbon emissions, many China adhesive manufacturers are taking an ecologically conscious approach.

Xiamen Cheshire New Material Co., Ltd is a producer of pressure sensitive adhesives serving clients across various industries worldwide. Products include acrylic, polyurethane, silicone and epoxy glues as well as specialty polymers used for fiberglass fabrication, filter fabrication and nonwovens production.

Henkel operates globally in the fields of laundry and home care products, cosmetics and toiletries as well as adhesives and sealants. Their adhesives can be found in automotive, metalworking, woodworking and paper conversion applications with their products sold under the Loctite brand name.

Franklin International offers an extensive range of industrial and consumer woodworking adhesives, such as hot-melt, water-based, acrylic and phenolic glues. Franklin’s adhesives come in different formulas to meet specific requirements such as high temperature or reduced formaldehyde emissions.