Access management software helps businesses to solve two key problems: unauthorized access and space management. However, for your access management software to serve this purpose, it needs to be appropriate for your particular business and operations model.

Before implementing a space management system, it is important to first consider if it has the right features for your business. Since access software can be tailor-made to address specific aspects of space management, knowing what features to look for will help you find the right system for your business.

Features to Look for in an Access Management System

Ease of Implementation and Use

Access management software is a system that will be used daily by employees or visitors to your business. This means that its efficiency will be largely dependent on how easy it is for people to use. Before you sign off on a platform, find out how long it will take to implement and the kind of user experience you can expect.

Complicated systems that take months to implement or require a complex interface may not give you value for your money. A good platform is one that delivers a great user experience without compromising on security or function.

Capacity and Ease of Integration

A space management system that easily integrates with your existing facilities management platform can streamline all aspects of your space management. This is not only more efficient in terms of facilities management but also ensures that you do not have to overhaul your existing system.

Look for access management software that can complement or integrate into your existing system. Some software companies can seamlessly integrate all building operations systems into one platform for easier management.

Third-Party Management

A space management system should have provisions that allow you to manage third-party access to your office or building. This means you should be able to grant or deny access to certain areas based on the type of business you run. For instance, your space management system should have different levels of clearance for employees and visitors so that there is no security breach in sensitive areas of your organization.

Active Monitoring

Having an access management system that allows you to actively monitor potential security breaches is important. Getting real-time alerts on potential threats will make it easier for you to manage and monitor the security of your building.

Look for software that is designed to pick up on potential breaches and alert you promptly. In most cases, the faster you become aware of a security breach the easier it is to resolve, so real-time monitoring is an important feature.

Data management

A space management platform that allows you to monitor and analyze data is crucial, especially if you want to optimize the use of space. If you can generate reports that give you an indication of how your space is being used and other statistics such as the number of users, you can easily figure out how to optimize the use of space.

You may find that some spaces are over-utilized while others are not being utilized enough and this information will help you make decisions to manage your space more effectively and profitably.