Choosing the Right Indian Bridal Jewelry

Choosing the Right Indian Bridal Jewelry

Choosing the right bridal jewelry is essential to make your outfit look regal and dazzling. So whether you’re wearing a classic red bridal lehenga ora designer saree, you’ll want to find a piece of Indian bridal jewelry that compliments your look. Diamonds, bangles, and other pieces made of precious metals are a traditional way to add glitter to your look.

Maang ties are a symbol of married status

Maang times are a traditional hair adornment worn by brides in India. They are placed at the forehead, where the hairline meets the face. These hair pieces are worn to protect the bride from the evil eye and protect her from bad energy. They are also worn as a symbol of marriage and the union of bride and groom. Today, maang tikas are a popular fashion statement for women.

The tradition of wearing tikas goes back to ancient India. Hindu brides also wear a sindoor during their wedding ceremony and are usually surrounded by a necklace called maang tikas. This adornment is a part of the solah shringar, which consists of 16 bridal ornaments.

Maang tikas are a common style of Indian bridal jewelry. They symbolize married status worn by brides during their wedding ceremony. In addition to being decorative and beautiful, they also have a symbolic meaning and are a great way to celebrate the beginning of a new chapter in a woman’s life.

The south Indian necklace is an essential piece of Indian bridal jewelry. Traditionally made of gold, it is common in many styles and designs. They often feature diamonds or colored gems. Another type of necklace is the mangalsutra, which is made of black beads and gold. It symbolizes marriage and is worn by brides in most parts of India.

They add a hint of glamor to a bride’s outfit

Indian bridal jewelry is integral to a bride’s outfit, lending an extra dose of glamor to her wedding attire. Various pieces are worn to compliment the dress and accent the bride’s hairstyle and facial features. Necklaces, in particular, add a special touch to the bride’s outfit.

The neckline of the bride’s bridal attire plays a significant role in determining the kind of jewelry she should wear. For example, a choker or short necklace is an ideal choice for a sweetheart or strapless neckline. Similarly, a long necklace is worn with a traditional scooped neckline. Choker necklaces can also be worn with off-shoulder blouses, adding an endearing look. If you choose a necklace with an unusual color or shape, consider contrasting the gemstone used in the necklace with the bride’s blouse.

Indian bridal jewelry often includes waistbands. These can be broad, heavy, or thin, and the bride will select the one that flatters her body type. They also add an aura of heavenly radiance to a bride’s appearance.

Any metal will look great on Indian brides with fair complexions. For example, pearls and diamond pieces are excellent for fair-skinned brides, while lighter-skinned brides should opt for rose gold or yellow gold. Also, pearls look stunning on darker complexions. Traditional Indian bridal jewelry is made of gold, silver, or pearls, but it also is found in contemporary designs. In the west, it’s becoming increasingly popular. 

They complement a woman’s face cut

When selecting bridal jewelry, it is important to know a woman’s face shape. The shape of her face will determine the style and color of Indian bridal jewelry she wears. Face shapes include oval, heart, square, pear and rectangular. Hair can also affect the shape of a woman’s face. Depending on her shape, she may prefer to wear soft or angular jewelry.

The type of jewelry that compliments a woman’s face shape depends on the style of her dress and face cut. For example, a lady with a round face would look beautiful in a modern-style necklace paired with long earrings. On the other hand, if she wore a salwar-kameez, glass or gold bangles would look stunning. On the other hand, a woman in a lehenga would look best wearing a chunkier bangle.

Another type of Indian bridal jewelry is the nose ring. Brides often wear nose rings on one or both sides of their nose. These rings are connected to the ear with a gold chain. It is possible to find a gold chain with a design that complements a woman’s facial shape.

Apart from earrings and necklaces, Indian bridal jewelry also includes maang-tikkas on the forehead of the bride. These ornaments highlight the bride’s eyes and complement the cut of her face. These ornaments are available in a wide variety of colors and sizes. They are generally used in south Indian weddings.

They are affordable

Indian bridal jewelry is a popular choice for brides-to-be. While some types of bridal jewelry are expensive, others are affordable for the average person. Choosing bridal jewelry for Kundan jewelry wholesale suppliers. Many bridal jewelry sets include south indian necklaces, earrings, rings, naths, and bangles. Some pieces are made with precious stones and can be sold for a high price. However, if you’re on a budget, you can opt for costume jewelry like Kundan. This type of jewelry is often low in gold content, showcasing stones, and isn’t as expensive as it looks. 

While most Indian bridal jewelry is affordable, you can choose more exotic pieces if you want to be different. For instance, the temple jewelry made by the Chola and Pandya dynasties has a heavenly appeal. On the other hand, traditional Kundan jewelry is affordable and can be paired with pastel colored beads. Another great option for affordable jewelry is to purchase Kundan jewellery online

They are subtle

There are many types of Indian bridal jewelry to choose from. Some are heavy and flashy, while others are subtle and simple. The key is to choose one that is both beautiful and appropriate for your wedding day. Here are some suggestions for picking excellent jewelry. If you want to keep your look subtle, stick with one or two pieces of jewelry.