Christine McGuinness horrified as she’s filmed ‘with all her bits out


Christine McGuinness has detailed her horror after she was filmed naked “with all her bits out” through the windows while showering at home.

The 35-year-old beauty has just jetted back from her first holiday abroad in four years with her three young children.

She headed to Spain with twins Leo and Penelope and youngest daughter Felicity along with ex-husband Paddy McGuinness and her mum, Joanne.

But all good things must come to an end and Christine was back in the UK on Thursday (May 18) – returning to her Cheshire home where she still lives with Paddy and three kids.

However, it appears her first morning back on British soil didn’t go quite how she had expected.

Taking to her Instagram Story, Christine revealed she was left horrified after being unintentionally filmed whilst naked in the shower.

“So, this morning, I was in the shower, I’ve had Zooms this morning so I needed to get ready and look fresh,” the blonde beauty told her 710K followers while sitting in her car.

“My blinds wouldn’t go all the way down in the bathroom. I don’t know what the cat’s been doing whilst I’ve been away.

“Anyway, I thought it was okay because I live on a private road so I’ll just have a quick shower.”

But things then took a turn for the worst when a random vehicle arrived outside her home.
























































She explained: “Next minute, this car comes past with this big f***ing crane on top, with a camera on it, like Google Earth or something whilst I’m in the shower with my white bits out.

“Surely, they should give you some kind of notice before they start filming outside your house? I swear to God, he went up and down my road five times.

“There is just no privacy in the world anymore,” she added.

Christine and 49-year-old Paddy stunned fans last year when they announced their sad split.

The former couple were married for 11 years before calling it quits.

The two remain on positive terms though and still live in the same house for the sake of their children, who all have autism.