Making Compelling and Effective Strategies is essential to bring growth in business. However, it is beneficial for you, if you have complete information about the marketing case study. Wanted to know how it can help you to make mind-blowing strategies? Then go through this post and get answers for all your query.

Henry David Thoreau, American Essayist rightly stated, “Success usually comes to those who are too busy to be looking for it. Of course, those who never miss out on an opportunity on their path often come up with great ideas and innovations, especially in the marketing field. However, if you are familiar with the Case Study of marketing, then it’s a plus point for you. But if you are not aware of these marketing case studies, then go through this post. Here, we will discuss some most interesting marketing case studies which can definitely help in your business in the long run. Furthermore, you can also hire a Marketing Case Study to get in-depth knowledge of these case studies.

Some of the most amazing and impressive Case Studies in the Marketing World

1 “Designing the Future of Urban Farming” by IDEO

There was a design company that was very well known for its simplicity. As soon as the customer came to visit the website, it greeted them with a big photo which has 2 very simple text columns where it has been written- “The Challenge” and in the second one it has been illustrated “The Outcome”.

With this IDEO company communicated two of its strong pillars among the audience. Surely, it is a great move. With this, they created a unique solution for the company- INFARM’s challenge which was a vertical farming start-up. They didn’t stop there, in fact, they elaborated those pillars while scrolling the cursor down. Plus, they also represent visuals, quotes, and details in a comprehensive way which was absolutely amazing.

  1. “USA Today” by Fantasy

Do you know what is the best way to showcase the user interface and be responsive to your website? Yes, you guessed it pretty right! Via video, that is exactly USA Today did. They make a clean, simple, and easy page which has a big red play button. It was present at the top of the window where they were inviting customers to review USA Today’s design. The best part of that video was that it was very simple and the interface of the website gives the viewer a chance to click on several links. They also played instrumental music in the background to attract visitors.

Along with that, they wrote, if you are interested in the text, then scroll down to find the goals. In short, they make their utmost efforts in making a responsive website.

  1. App Annie is used by Coca Cola Company for More Engagement

In a rapidly growing world, it is quite difficult to grab the attention of potential customers. Especially when you are making a heavy video. Customers do not wait for a long time on the video as it looks boring to them. To combat this issue, Coca-cola company formed an app Annie which included text and drawings to highlight the features of the company. Sometimes, they cut away the face just to enter text which covers the full screen. With the help of powerful words and graphic designs, they engage their broad audience so that customers can stay on their website for a long interval of time.


  1. The Gifted Day by Digitas

AstraZeneca created Digitas which is a cancer support community. They listed numerous heart melting videos which can surely bring tears in your eyes. They have uploaded heart-wrenching videos where they have shared videos such as a mother holding hands of his new-born child, grandmother playing with her grandchild, children taking roller coaster rides and so forth. This was a good marketing strategy to keep your audience closer by making a special place. Digitas utilises this strategy to bring more engagement.

  1. Synapse Innovation by Uniface

Uniface, a Japanese IT service company, used Slide share platforms with their viewers to increase their engagement. As soon as you click on the interface of their website, you can easily read out the process of handling challenges to the required solution. In short, they offered a full case study of the problems so that their viewers can find out the right solution. Since they used “to-the-point” data in their slides, it becomes quite easy for the readers to digest a number of slides. They offered their link on several platforms so that readers can easily find out their way without any hassle.