Classic Sailing Adventures You Need to Know

Classic Sailing Adventures

Are you feeling a call of the sea? Then, why are you waiting? Book the best luxury yachts or cruises to embark on the most memorable journey. The world is your oyster, which is the finest thing about sailing. However, based on your sailing expertise, some places will be a better fit. Discover the world’s top sailing routes for novice to expert sailors.

So, where to sail? Let us help you with the top places you can enjoy the best sailing experience.

Top places to enjoy the adventurous sailing experience

If you are unable to decide on the sailing route, we are here to help you by guiding you through the best places.

●    Sailing to Croatia

Croatia is a must-experience sailing destination because it is the Adriatic Sea’s primary sailing hub. Explore the walled medieval cities to take in the area’s rich history. Discover the diverse natural beauties of the area’s vineyards, small farms, woodlands, and ocean.

Compared to some other sailing routes across the world, Croatia boasts pleasant, moderate winds that are significantly calmer. Since all of the islands are close to one another, island hopping involves substantially shorter journeys. You have a choice of mooring locations, including huge marinas, small ports, and undeveloped anchorages. You won’t have any trouble, though, locating a spot to leave it for the night.

●    Bay of Islands, New Zealand

This little island nation consistently produces some of the best sailors in the world (just take a look at its victories in America’s Cup); it has one of the highest per capita rates of boat ownership in the entire globe. And why wouldn’t it with water like this? The Bay of Islands, which is situated in New Zealand’s “winterless north” and is well-known for its breathtaking coastal beauty, is one of the most worthwhile tourist destinations in the entire nation. Its many bays act as breaks, and its turquoise to deep blue seas are exceptionally clear.

The 150 or so islands, while being a very popular sailing and tourism destination, have happily avoided development, and all of the townships are on the mainland. The Bay of Islands’ main town, Paihia, has a modest population, but during the summer, it grows significantly. As a result, reservations for lodging should be made well in advance.

●    Flotilla sailing, Greece

Beginners who want to sail their own boat should consider going on a flotilla vacation, which is led by a lead yacht with a skipper, engineer, and host. The Ionian islands, especially Paxos and the southern archipelago, are excellent for beginners. Beginning in Lefkas, a weeklong vacation makes stops at Kefalonia, Ithaca, Kalamos, Kastos, and Meganisi. The flotilla travels by sea over two weeks from Corfu to Kefalonia. There are swim stops along the way, and the majority of sailing days are only 12 to 15 miles. Picnics and drink gatherings with the other boats are popular social events.

●    Sailing to the Bahamas

The Bahamas is yet another of the Caribbean’s top destinations for sailing. You may spend your vacation swimming and snorkeling all day long because it is one of the largest marine parks in the world!

This is a sailors’ paradise for newbies! A tropical paradise with ideal sailing weather? There are few things better than that! The Bahamas are perfect for beginning sailors or seasoned sailors looking to unwind since they have consistent trade winds of around 15 knots and a little more open-water sailing.

●    Sailing in Thailand

Thailand is a sailing heaven for people with advanced sailing skills because it is unspoiled by huge waves of tourists. While exploring the stunning coasts, hilly landscapes, wonderful beaches, and coral reefs of South East Asia, you can hop from island to island.

Although a sailing license is not required to charter here, you will need to provide a résumé that demonstrates your sailing prowess. There are both long and short island hops in Thailand, and there is a lot of line-of-sight navigation. However, due to the south-westerly winds that can reach up to 27 mph during the rainy season, sailing yacht rentals in this area can become rather windy.

Additionally, Thailand has a far wider tidal range than, say, the Mediterranean. You must make preliminary plans at 2 meters.

●    Island adventure in Spain

This seven-day sailing vacation, which begins and ends in Tenerife, offers the chance to see La Gomera and La Palma, two lesser-known Canary Islands. On La Gomera, visitors can go hiking, discover the city of San Sebastián, relax on the beach, and go swimming from the boat. On La Palma, there is a free day that can be used for exploring the island or in Santa Cruz, the city. The 17-meter yacht includes three bathrooms, an outside shower, a bathing platform, and five twin or double cabins. It also has a deck area for sleeping under the stars. There is no minimum age and no experience necessary.

●    The Greek Islands

Greece’s islands undoubtedly have a siren-like quality. Could the allure of a rich past, the 1,400+ islands dotting the Aegean and Ionian Seas, and more than 300 days of sunlight a year be the reason? The ideal approach to plan your island-hopping route while sailing is to use it to make pit stops for octopus and ouzo or look for isolated swimming areas.

Beware of the winds of change, sailors: the Meltemi, a northeasterly wind that frequently sweeps over Greece in the summer, can make sailing more difficult.

Bottom Line

Adventure is what most people live for. So, be it luxury yachts or a classic level cruise taking you to the breathtaking points. All you need is to choose the perfect destination for your adventure, but with the right cruise line. In the end, it is all about planning the unpredictable and making the best memories out of it while you are out in the waters. So, go get your plan on the line as soon as possible and share your experience with us too.