Cleaning Up After Christmas Holidays

Cleaning Up After Christmas

The end of the holidays can bring up a whole range of feelings: Relief, sadness, satisfaction. However, many people have one thing in common: they get very anxious about tidying up after loved ones are gone and decorations are up. Cleaning up after Christmas can be a daunting task, but you don’t have to do it alone.

If you’re wondering, “Where do I start? How do I get organized? In this article, we’ll give you 11 tips for tidying up after the holidays, so you’re not greeted by a messy living room when your guests arrive in January.

11 tips for cleaning up after Christmas that we wish we’d known about sooner

1. Keep a “to-do list”: It’s true. The best projects always start with a list. It’s a form of brain organization. Whether you’re decorating a room or cleaning up after a family party, a list helps you stay organized and focused. So before you get advice on Christmas cleaning, make a list and write it down! (laughs).

2. Every year, put everything in the same place (for example, in the Christmas box under the stairs). Tidying up after Christmas can be difficult. Next year you won’t even know where you put the decorations. Make sure you have an appropriate place in your basement, garage, or shed. 3.

3. Buy containers with lids. A container with a lid makes it easy to store decorations. Not only will it prevent the decorations from getting wet the next time you want to take them down, but it will also make it easier and less of a headache.

4. Donate or sell unwanted items before cleaning. We’ve all received gifts that we don’t know what to do with. Put them up for sale online, save them for next year (giving back is really good), or, better yet, donate them to a local charity.

5. Sort things by size. Try sorting things into three categories – small decorations, medium-sized decorations (e.g., large snowflakes), and large things like garlands – and put them in separate boxes. Separate storage makes it easier to prepare for each holiday.

*Tip: Many ornaments are very fragile and require special care. Buy or make a jewelry box with honeycomb dividers. This way, you can ensure that each item has its own place. Wrap particularly fragile items in acid-free tissue paper or small poufs and keep them in their original boxes to avoid confusion.

6. Keep Christmas lights from getting tangled. To keep garlands from tangling, wrap them around an empty gift wrap roll. Wrap the string on the other side around the fork and insert the fork into the hole in the tube. If you have already discarded the roll of wrapping paper, you can use a paper towel roll.

7. Remove the Christmas tree. The Christmas tree is the main decoration in the living room during the Christmas season, but it also takes up a lot of space when it’s time to put it away after Christmas. For artificial Christmas trees, gently wipe the branches with a slightly damp microfiber cloth. Let the branches dry completely before putting them away. If you have decorated your Christmas tree with a real one, search the Internet for places near you that collect Christmas trees for composting. This is a convenient and environmentally friendly option.

*Pro-tip: If you have enough storage space and an artificial Christmas tree, there is another old trick. You can find disposable bags on the internet that can be stored upright or used year after year.

8. Use extra containers/bags as needed. At some point, you may run out of containers, for example, because they were broken last year or because Santa brought you new ones this year. You can keep your decorations safe by using the boxes or bags from the supermarket where your gifts came in.

*Tip: You can also use items you have at home to protect fragile ornaments. Hang your wreaths on hangers and cover them with plastic bags, then hang them in a storage area. Trendy candles can be. Protected from scratches by placing them in an old sticky note beforehand. Empty egg cartons are great for storing small jewelry and trinkets.

9. Store gifts in a closet or similar place. If you’re like most people, it’s impossible to put all the gifts away immediately after Christmas. Save them until you can sort them out properly. Once all the decorations, gifts, and boxes have been. Put away, it’s time for a quick cleanup.

10. Do a quick clean-up before the new year: To get everything spotless, wipe down the kitchen counters and sweep or mop the floor if necessary. This way, you’ll be ready for unexpected visitors in the first few weeks of January.

11. Call in the professionals. When you entertain guests, you inevitably accumulate unwanted items such as cookie crumbs, shoe prints in the snow, tree needles on the floor, and other surfaces. Ask Clean Couches Sydney to clean your room after Christmas. This will allow you to get your home back in order for the new year. Visit also: best lounge cleaning in Willoughby

It’s important to know that the more systematic you are about cleaning and tidying, the easier the next year will be. To make your Christmas cleaning easier and less stressful, follow our tips.

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