Clear Signs that It’s Time for a New Garage Door Opener

Garage with open door, look outside at night, 3d illustration

For many homes in Dallas, Texas, garage doors are likely the most frequently used exterior feature. Whether you are using an electric opener or a remote control feature, the garage door opener is considered the heart of any garage door. Through time, regular usage, and exposure to the Dallas weather, a garage door opener replacement is bound to happen. The question now is: When do you know it’s time to have a new one? When should you go for a garage door opener repair or replacement?

Sign#1: Loud Noises

Nobody expects garage doors to be completely silent when opening or reversing. However, the sounds they make should never be too loud and sound unfamiliar. Obstruction in the track, poorly lubricated springs or simple dust build-up in the eye could be the reason for the loud noises. On the other hand, these disturbing noises could also mean that your garage door opener is about to bite the dust. While traditional garage door drive chains are inherently loud, you should still call a Texas garage door company for a quick inspection.

Sign#2: Unresponsiveness

Is your garage door not opening or reversing when you hit the “open” button in the remote control or wall mount? An unresponsive garage door could mean that the doors froze shut, the spring is broken, the remote controls need new batteries and more. It could also mean that there are problems with the garage door opener’s wiring or logic board. Should that be the case, an urgent replacement might be the most efficient and fastest option.

Sign#3: Strong Vibrations

An old and worn-out garage door opener will definitely vibrate a lot when being used. Having worn armatures or bent shafts are likely reasons for the vibration. Both can be addressed through garage door opener repair. However, if the vibrations are visibly stronger and the opener mounts are shaking loose, your problem will likely call for a replacement.

Sign#4: Randomly Opening and Closing

Modern-day Texas garage doors are considered state of the art, but they should never have a mind of their own. They should be programmed to open and close when the user activates the remote control or built-in exterior buttons. Garage doors randomly opening and reversing are never a good sign. They can be symptoms of a serious issue in the garage door opener.

Sign#5: Out-dated Garage Door 

Even if your house or business is not yet in desperate need of a new garage door opener, there are still a lot of ways how you can benefit from an upgrade. For one, old, outdated garage doors are accidents and damages waiting to happen. Their systems are no longer updated and are more vulnerable to burglary. New garage door openers come with padded security options aside from having the remote control and rolling codes features. The latest openers can also include voice control, vehicle detection, and faster and smoother operations, to name a few. This upgrade is also beneficial for people planning to sell their houses since a well-built garage door with a new smart opener will definitely boost curb appeal or estate value.

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