Clifford Singer Is Making A Buzz In The Art World With His Inspiring Art


Clifford Singer is the master of geometric art, which he expertly blends with contemporary art to give his pieces a new aspect. Having a penchant for both mathematics and art, he took it a step further by brilliantly combining both subjects. Geometry is all about toying with lines and figures; thus, all of his paintings have an enticing aesthetic to them.

A Powerful Influencer

Singer has always aspired to be a great influencer and to inspire all young people to allow their imaginations to run wild since it is only then that we realize our true selves. He has been a teacher for almost 25 years and has taught geometry due to his significant knowledge. But art is what brought him back to life, and he couldn’t stop himself from fusing the two. As a result, he created such gorgeous paintings that people fell in love with them right away. Oil Corporation, the Bridges Organization, AT&T, Citibank, General Electric Company, General Instrument Corporation, McGraw Hill, Mondriaanhuis-Amersfoort, Revlon, Texaco, Trinity University, TX, TRW, US Trust, and the MoMA in New York have all featured his works.

He has almost 50 years of expertise, allowing him to effortlessly master both professions. He has received numerous awards throughout his career, including the Teachers Network, IMPACT II Disseminator Grant, Mathematics and Science in the Art Classroom, in 2001, Robert Rauschenberg, Change, Inc., New York, in 1989, and Summit Art Center, Honorable Mention Award, Juried by Richard Anuskiewicz, Summit, New Jersey, in 1985.

Singer holds academic degrees from Great Neck South Senior High School in New York, HSD, Alfred University in New York, B.F.A., and The City College of New York, M.F.A. In 2001, heenrolled as a Ph.D. candidate in Philosophy at the Graduate Center, CUNY.

Exceptional Artwork

His method of thinking is highly unusual and inventive, thanks to his interest in both subjects. “As an artist, ways of thinking with respect to the latitude of my geometrical art over decades and its influence on a world view for Geometric Abstraction, Constructivist Art, Concrete Art, and Mathematical art,” he says. He is the only one who has taken this unique approach both conceptually and stylistically and represented his paintings froma historical perspective.

Working with two fields at the same time is not a simple process since you must ensure that you do not violate any regulations while still making your artwork appear beautiful, and Clifford Singer has shown to be the master of it. His recent series of paintings, ApolloniusSeries, a massive number of (15) pieces which he has recently produced, reflect the core of his work and best showcase his abilities. To understand his paintings, he says precisely, “My work is a mental exercise,” “These pieces are extremely difficult to do.”

His work has sparked interest in the art world, and people are experiencing the beauty of two fields merging into one. He has completely redefined academics and art, inspiring many others to learn from him in a wonderful way.

Website: www.CliffordSinger.Net