Winter Cleaning

Spring cleaning is well known, but what about winter cleaning? It’s usually raining or snowing outside, which means you’ll bring in more mud than usual. You’ll also spend more time indoors, which means you’ll be dusty and germ-laden. Keeping your home clean during the winter months is very important to the health and well-being of you and your family.

So here are some of our favorite tips for deep cleaning your home in the winter.

Winter Cleaning Checklist

1. Turn furniture over and clean the back of the furniture with a vacuum. The underside of furniture is a magnet for dust and other dirt, but carefully vacuuming prevents dust from becoming airborne.

2. Clean the tops of doors, coverings, and artwork/hangings. The apartment has many small horizontal surfaces where dust can easily accumulate.

  • Interior doors
  • Coverings, such as baseboards and chair backs.
  • Artwork and mirrors
  • Electrical signs
  • Wall-mounted smoke detectors, CO detectors and thermostats
  • Hanging kitchen cabinets
  • Light bulbs and faucets
  • Computer monitors and other electronics
  • Books in the library

3. Clean the back of the refrigerator. Especially the condenser coils at the back and bottom of the refrigerator. Cleaning them can improve efficiency and extend the life of the refrigerator.

  • If the coils are on the back of the refrigerator, move the refrigerator away from the wall and unplug the power cord while working. The coils can be cleaned with a brush or vacuum cleaner to remove dust and dirt from the bottom.
  • If the coils are located under the refrigerator, they can be cleaned from the front bottom plate that covers the coils. Remove the front panel. Clean with a brush or vacuum attachment designed for cleaning under the refrigerator.

4. Clean the ceiling fan blades. The ceiling fan blades are heavily loaded with dust and dirt. Cleaning with an old pillowcase will capture the dust inside the pillowcase and prevent it from sticking to the furniture or getting into your eyes.

5. Use a checklist You can note down a winter cleaning checklist.

6. Call in a professional. Feeling overwhelmed by the work at hand? Too busy or too tired to deal with the mess? Don’t forget that Clean Couches Sydney can help you with all the items on this list. If you would like to learn more about our cleaning services and solutions, please feel free to contact us.

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