Colored Hair Trends that continue to change from time to time make someone interested in trying to make changes to their appearance, including the matter of color.

To get the desired color, someone will usually bleach their hair first. This is a way to remove the original hair color or lighten Colored Hair Trends. The content of chemicals that are quite harsh in it, such as hydrogen peroxide, can remove pigmentation (melanin) in the hair.

Colored Hair Trends And The Risks
Colored Hair Trends And The Risks

However, this process often makes many people worry about the condition of their hair, because after bleaching the hair usually becomes dry, brittle and easily broken, loses its natural luster and is damaged because it is no longer healthy.

There is also another problem, namely hair that has been colored at a high level in particular will fade very easily and quickly because there is no complete care package for hair that has been colored,” explained the CEO of Inaura Professional, Aria Ranaldo, greeting the press survey that received yet this long.

To address the concerns of many people when they are going to dye their hair at a high level and require a bleaching process, Inaura Professional presents the Magia Plex Series, which is specially formulated for Indonesian hair.

This product is a series of products that will protect the hair during the coloring process and maintain and care for the hair afterward so that the hair remains healthy, strong, has a natural shine and the coloring results remain durable.

Five sets of Magia Plex Series are enriched with Sugar Active Complex, Hydrolized Keratin, Urea, Provitamin BS, Almond Extract, Avocado Extract which help lock colors so they don’t fade easily and last longer.

The Magia Plex 1, Magia Plex 2 and Magia Plex 3 series are primarily intended for Professional Hairdressers while Magia Plex 4 and Magia Plex 5 are intended for consumers,” explained he.

Sprinkle Pearly, Become a Graceful and Beautiful Colored Hair Trends in 2022

Like fashion, hair trends also experience development over time. This can be a reference for those who want to change their hairstyle, especially in 2022.

To make it easier, the CBD Professional hair care brand, in collaboration with Dyandra Promosindo, released Hair Trend CBD Professional 2022 ‘OceaNation’ on Wednesday (15/12/2021).

This theme was inspired by the wealth of the world’s oceans. Which is a force that unites the nations of the world in a series of interconnected oceans to become one global and borderless world.

Hair Trend CBD Professional 2022 ‘OceaNation’ comes with combinations and color choices. One of them is Sprinkle Pearly (Ash Lavender/violet) Pret-a-Porter.

In Pitstop Virtual Learning, the famous hairdresser Diana Hadisuwarno. Revealed that Sprinkle Pearly is one of the riches of the ocean. Which is a symbol of beauty, grace and beauty and describes the process of life.

On this occasion, Diana also conducted ongoing education for professional. Hairdressers in Indonesia regarding the Sprinkle Pearly theme, which will be a trend in 2022.

Diana started the cutting session with a texture that gives a layer effect. Where there are 3 parts, namely the right and left to below the crown. Diana started from the back down as a benchmark for her short layers.

Making sure that all the grooves are in the middle to produce a layer of hair. After we tidy up the bottom pattern. We comb the top 125 degrees vertically and cut it parallel to the shape of the head.

“The bangs are an important point in this cut. So we do texturizing with the point cut technique to blend the top and bottom disconnected parts. The end result of the cut is a classic touch that keeps it fashionable,” explained Diana.

In the last session, namely styling, Diana seemed to blow it first. After that, I did the mermaid wave technique. Iron to give a different wave effect and carried it all the way to the top of my head.

“Finally got two shades of color, namely on the pearly gray hair shaft and at the ends. There is a touch of lavender pink,” concluded Diana.

Organizing the Pitstop Virtual Learning with Diana Hadisuwarno. Is a series of activities from the CBD Hair Institute which is the first online hair show in Indonesia.

From participating in this activity from various regions in Indonesia, such as Palembang, Medan and Jakarta.