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Colt Delta Elite Rail
Colt Delta Elite Rail

Introduction To Colt Delta Elite Rail:

Colt Delta Elite Rail was initially made available. Colt raised the standard for the firearm by naming it after the illustrious U.S. Army unit known as the Delta Force (1st Operational Special Forces Detachment-Delta). Colt 10mm Delta Elite Rail Gun is the second 10mm pistol to be produced, as was previously mentioned, and once D&D ceased operations, it was the only one still in use. The firearm was produced with a few modifications up until 1996 when it was abandoned due to poor sales and the introduction of more compact weapons.40 S&W caliber.


At the time, shooters had not taken to the 10mm cartridge, but that would change. The F.B.I. is switching from the 10mm to the.40 S&W didn’t help. Intriguingly, the original DE tried a bushing-free design for the barrel/slide lockup. Due to the inconsistent accuracy, this didn’t endure very long, and soon the creation of the cannon was changed back to the conventional barrel/bushing combination. March 31st, 2009, saw the reintroduction of the weapon. You can Buy Colt Delta Elite Rail 10 mm from Tactical Armory, the top armory retailer in the US.

Variations of Colt Delta Elite Rail 10 mm:

Guns manufactured of carbon steel, blued steel, stainless steel, sight designs, dust covers, and other modifications are examples of variations. Even a batch of Gold Cup National Match versions was produced. Check out this information for a more comprehensive list of those variations. Even a distributor-specific variant was created with parts to allow the firing.40 S&W in addition to the 10mm. Visit Top Shooting Hunting and Gun Shows in the United States.

The Lew Horton distribution business lists a two-tone model as available. The Colt website currently only lists two models: the standard stainless 1911 type and one with a rail underneath for light installation. This firearm has a stainless frame and an Ion Bond slide in two-tone black. Although it is not displayed on Colt’s website, this is available for purchase online. For additional information, go to Tactical Armory.

Functioning of Colt Delta Elite Rail 10 mm:

The Battered Frame Syndrome:

Because the early DE had a metal bridge over the slide stop cutout, some were vulnerable to flex-induced slide rail stress cracks. The frame would develop stress cracks. The answer consisted of removing the metal section above the cutout, which enabled the structure to absorb more significant recoil forces. Again, this was an issue at the very beginning of the DE manufacturing run that was swiftly resolved. They removed the metal portion above the sliding stop cutout to prevent cracking. They are now created in this manner, with that portion deleted.

Shock Buffers:

Utilizing shock buffers to protect the frame from slide pounding is another issue with some handguns. As with the edge cut above, this is not a factory defect but a problem for particular shooters. It’s not only a 10mm 1911 problem, either.With.45 ACP pistols, buffers have been in use for a long time. They provide inexpensive reinsurance for frame damage for some 10mm shooters. My friend told me that Heat has gone through three buffers and has little free time to shoot. He lent me this extremely early (S/N under 3000) DE. However, this does not imply that your pistol will suffer if you do not use these buffers. Some shooters merely employ them as a safety measure against potential frame-battering problems.

Guide Rod:

DE guide rods are constructed from Delrin, a sturdy plastic material initially developed for the medical sector. Colt considered the short guide rod sturdy enough for the task at hand, but it would bend to help absorb recoil and break before the gun broke in case of a problem or general wear. Some people replaced them because they believed the rod should be made of metal. The Delrin rod and two-spring system function as intended, barring any problems with the guide rod.

Pros of Colt Delta Elite Rail 10 mm Pistol:

The controls are thoughtfully created. The huge beaver-tail grip safety offered sufficient protection from slide cuts, and the noticeable “speed bump” on the grip safety ensured appropriate disengagement with my typical shooting grip. A thin, strong-side thumb safety allowed easy movement to facilitate a regular firing grip (shooting hand thumb on top of rather than behind the safety lever).

Rubber grip panels with “checkering” are protected against scratches and bumps while offering reasonable grip control. The mainspring housing’s fine serrations allowed a secure firing grip without catching on clothing during the draw stroke or when carrying covertly. The pistol’s manual action was made more accessible by incisions with sharp edges on either side of the slide.

The takedown was sped up without additional equipment using an antique barrel bushing and a vintage recoil-spring guide. The slide has dovetail mounting for the front and rear sights, increasing durability in challenging conditions. The three-white-dot sight system does provide a better sight picture in low light or against opponents wearing black clothing, and it seems to be the standard for defensive handguns these days.

Cons of Colt Delta Elite Rail 10 mm Gun:

Factory magazines don’t have bumper pads, and while a flat bottom on the magazine carried in the gun is OK, an extended bumper pad substantially helps speed reloads. To be fair, the magazines for the Colt Delta Elite did have rounded bottoms that extended just below the magazine well, which made it easier to ensure good seating with a single firm slap.

Except for the slide above cuts, every edge on the Colt Delta Elite’s slide was rather sharp and might use some softening. I like a friendlier exterior, even if the dehorning procedure increases the gun’s production costs (and possibly detracts from the appearance of the finely machined slides). Visit Wikipedia’s link, Colt Delta Elite to read the specifications chart.

Changes Should Be Done In Colt Delta Elite Rail 10 mm:

Although it was designed as a fighting pistol, it can fire a variety of bullet weights at speeds usually only found in magnum-caliber pistols. However, if you have correctly sighted the gun for your chosen load, you can make precision shots at ranges far beyond what is deemed acceptable for traditional carry pistols. No, I haven’t fired any hostage-rescue bullets, but I have gone hog hunting with 1911s chambered in 10mm, and it was nice to be able to predict precisely where the shot would land at distances more than 50 yards.

Questions People Ask About Colt Delta Elite Rail:

Is the Colt Delta Elite still made?

The Colt Delta Elite is a 10mm Auto-chambered M1911 pistol in Series 80 design.

Is the Colt Delta Elite a Series 70 or 80?

The Colt Delta Elite is a Series 80 design (as opposed to the more traditional Series 70).

How much does a Colt Delta Elite cost?

$1106.99 is the estimated price for Colt Delta Elite. Or visit Colt’s official website to learn more.

How much does a Colt Delta Elite weigh?
The Colt Delta Elite is a full-size, 41-ounce 1911 in the GI design. This version has a full-length guide rod, a circular mainspring housing, three GI sights, and a ring hammer in the Commander design.
What was the first 10mm 1911?

The Delta Elite was the first 1911 handgun made by Colt that was 10mm Auto-chambered. Wilson Combat and Nighthawk, two custom 1911 manufacturers, sell 10mm pistols. Colt has also started selling the Delta Elite again in very restricted quantities.

Difference between Series 70 and 80 Colts?

The firing pin safety (or lack thereof) of the Series 1970 was changed to make the Series 80. These modifications made it so that the trigger had to be fully pulled back before the gun could fire. This was achieved by including a firing pin block that could only be removed by pressing the trigger stated before.

What model Colt 1911 does the US Army use?

The Colt M1911 is a single-action, semi-automatic, recoil-operated pistol chambered for the. 45 caliber A.C.P (Automatic Colt Pistol) cartridge. It was the first automatic, magazine-fed pistol that the U.S. Army used.

Will a 10mm stop a bear?

Additionally, 10mm is right on edge, fitting into semi-autos without making them obscenely enormous or heavy while still having enough punch to stop an 800 lb hostile Grizzly bear if the rounds are placed where needed.


After weeks of rigorous testing and analysis, it is safe to say that the Colt 10mm Delta Elite Rail Gun has exceeded all expectations. This powerhouse of a handgun combines exceptional performance with unmatched accuracy, making it a dream come true for both seasoned shooters and firearms enthusiasts alike. Whether you’re a competitive shooter or simply seeking optimal self-defense capabilities, this conclusion will surely leave you impressed.

One standout feature of the Colt 10mm Delta Elite Rail Gun is its rail system. The integrated Picatinny rail allows users to easily attach accessories such as lights or lasers, enhancing versatility and adapting to various shooting scenarios. Moreover, the gun’s ergonomics are top-notch; it’s aggressive texturing on the grip ensures a firm hold even in high-pressure situations.