Cat Allergies

It shouldn’t surprise you that animals like cats get allergies. What should concern you are the types of allergy that cats are susceptible to getting. If you’re familiar with the types of allergies that cats are prone to suffering from, you can help reduce the risk of them dealing with them. That means you won’t have to run to the emergency room of a vet clinic in Rochester, NY.

Food Allergies

Food allergy in cats can occur after they ingest the same ingredients in their food. Usually, their allergies are caused by the protein source, whether it’s poultry or beef. A common step people will take to decrease the chance of food allergies is switching up the proteins. So one day you can give your cat beef, then the next day chicken, then the next day fish, etc.

Flea Allergy

Flea bites will typically cause minor irritation. But if your cat happens to be allergic to fleas, they’ll do anything to relieve themselves from that bite. This means they’ll bite patches of their own skin and scratch so much that they will cause wounds that are susceptible to infection. To help prevent fleas, look into an insect removal procedure. For more tips on dealing with fleas that affect your cat, see your animal hospital Rochester, NY.