Common Myths About Buying Modern Furniture Online


Australians traditionally buy furniture at the store. While it has its advantages, such as physically inspecting the products, there are also some downsides. For instance, the inconvenience of having to change clothes, go to your car and brave the crowd. In addition, rising gas prices will balance out the potential savings from buying at lower prices from your local furniture shop. In contrast, you only have to Google “furniture store near me” and begin shopping without getting out of your house clothes.

However, consumers are hampered by the prevailing myths regarding online shopping for modern furniture in Melbourne. Unfortunately, these misconceptions are embedded in their consciousness that they would rather suffer the inconvenience of going to the brick-and-mortar store.

These questions are probably swirling around your brain:

  • Discounted furniture pieces are busted

Most furniture e-commerce sites offer massive discounts for their products, so your guard is automatically up. After all, you cannot physically inspect the furniture pieces before buying them. However, the discounts are no more insidious than your average store offering discounts. More often than not, the reason is to move the excess inventory or to lure customers into patronising their online store. Besides, online stores selling modern furniture, Melbourne-made, are legally required to offer warranties. Therefore, you can easily send back the damaged products.

  • My confidential info might be hacked 

Identity theft is a concern, but you are no less secure when using your card at your local store. Arguably, online furniture shops are even safer since their bread-and-butter depends on securing their customers’ private information. It takes only one leak or hacking incident, and they will damage their reputation forever. Besides, government regulatory agencies require e-commerce sites to comply with the highest standards in digital security.

  • It’s more expensive to buy online 

This one is only half-false. Generally speaking, online prices are more expensive compared to in-store products. However, the trend has been going down in recent years. For example, while there is no such study in Australia, an article in the USA Today revealed that prices for furniture and beddings dropped nearly 12% compared to only 2.3% in-store.

Even if you do not know anyone purchasing modern furniture, Melbourne-made, you cannot deny the numbers. For instance, the industry will reportedly hit $1 billion in sales by the end of 2022. And by next year, online sales will make up 11% of the total market revenue.

While it may be true that buying online can be more expensive, that’s not always the case. There’s no reason to go to the store anymore with massive discounts and free shipping available, especially if you buy in bulk. Unless, of course, you want to carry the furniture yourself back to your house.

Another advantage of shopping online for modern furniture in Melbourne is you can subscribe to their newsletter, where you get a notification on special deals. In addition, you do not need to queue at the cashier since you simply add the product to your cart and wait for your furniture to be shipped.

So, the next time you are hunkering to buy pieces for your home, you only have to type “furniture store near me,” and start buying without leaving your couch or bed.