What Are The Five Most Common Types Of Homeowner’s Insurance?

Homeowners Insurance

Investing in buying a house is considered the biggest investment globally. You need to spend a lot to own a house, especially in New York. However, the story does not end here as buying home insurance is equally an important yet expensive task. There are different insurance policies that you can get and cover your home and your belongings in case of any damage or destruction due to a natural disaster or accident. So, having homeowners insurance means that you can repair or rebuild your home without facing financial issues.

Homeowners insurance helps you protect your home and family financially when finding some unexpected expenses. It simply means that you can cover yourself in protecting your home in case of any disaster.

While buying the best home insurance NYC, many questions can be in your mind. For example, you must be conscious about the coverage that you can get. With that, you also need to be aware of coverage costs. Another important aspect is the factors that can influence deductibles. Additionally, you must also keep upgrades, improvements, and changes that you may need in the future while discussing your insurance premium.

So, when you plan to buy the best home insurance in New York, you must have the answers to all these questions. Overall, you need to ask about the best home insurance that suits you the most.

Below, we will discuss the most common types of homeowners insurance you may need to be informed of. Additionally, you should have some understanding about these insurances and the difference between them. The information on these insurances will help you make the right decision according to your requirements.

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Mainly, eight different home insurances are available in the US market. However, we will discuss the five most common insurances.

Let us explore these insurances separately!

  • HO-1: Basic Form
  • HO-2: Broad Form
  • HO-3: Special Form
  • HO-4: Contents Broad Form
  • HO-5: Comprehensive Form

Out of these five insurance plans for homeowners, the most favorite ones are special home insurance and comprehensive insurance.

Furthermore, the home insurance NYC buyers also need to understand the following terms:

Named peril

Every insurance policy has a list of events that become the reason for any damage or loss to your property. You can cover those losses under a specific policy mentioned in it.

Replacement cost

It is basically the amount you need to replace your home or personal belongings.

Actual cash value

This amount belongs to the value of the home or other personal belongings that insurance companies calculate after considering the factors like depreciation. Generally, the actual cash value remains less than the replacement cost.

Here are the top five home insurance types:

1. HO-1: Basic Form

Mainly, it is best known as basic home insurance. So, if you want to cover your home at actual cash value, you need to go with it. Generally, basic form home insurance NYC also covers personal belongings. However, this cover is not available with some of the HO-1 policies offered by a few insurance companies in New York.

There are ten named perils that HO-1 policies cover your home and personal belongings. Here is the list of these named-perils:

  • Fire or lightning
  • Explosion
  • Vandalism and mischief
  • Volcanic eruptions
  • Theft
  • Riot or civil commotion
  • Windstorm or hail
  • Aircraft
  • Vehicles
  • Smoke
  • Some other events can also be covered, which can become the reason for damage or loss.

Generally, this insurance plan is very simple, and you do not get coverage in many common events. For example, you cannot get any coverage in case of any damage due to the falling of any weighted object. Some top insurance companies do not offer this basic form of home insurance NYC because many insurance brokers do not recommend it.

2. HO-2: Broad Form

The insurance brokers introduce this insurance with the name of broad form homeowners insurance in New York. The reason is that it covers more named perils compared with the HO-1 policy. Another important aspect is that the coverage is offered based on replacement cost. However, while talking about personal property, the insurance companies will cover you at actual cash value.

The following incidents and disasters will be covered while having broad form home insurance in New York:

  • The weight of snow due to which your property suffers.
  • Accidental floods and discharge of water from any other water resource
  • Freezing
  • Cracks or bulging in the property due to an accidental event
  • Accidents due to power surge
  • Damage or loss of property due to falling objects

HO-2 home insurance covers more events than an HO-1 policy. However, the insurance brokers in New York do not prefer it over HO-3 and HO-5 insurances. You will understand it in the discussion of these home insurances in New York.

3. HO-3: Special Form

While talking about the most popular home insurance NYC that people love to buy, HO-3 coverage is the best in town. The experts call it special form coverage. The first and foremost reason for preferring this home insurance is because you get coverage at the replacement cost of the property. For that, the insurance companies add an endorsement in the insurance premium to cover you at replacement cost.

With HO-3 special form home insurance in New York, you get coverage against certain named perils not included in the previous insurances. According to the insurance experts, the insurance companies in New York have included almost all the named perils, which are available except the following:

  • Landslide/mudslide
  • Earthquake
  • Flood
  • Act of war or government action
  • Sinkhole
  • Nuclear Accident
  • Neglect

Overall, HO-3 home insurance policies cover only personal property in case of finding any named perils mentioned in the HO-2 policy with others. You can find all of them while getting the information about HO-3 home insurance. Mostly, this homeowners insurance in New York suits most homeowners. Therefore, it is the most common home insurance available in the market.

4. HO-4: Contents Broad Form

The difference between this insurance and others is that it is renter’s insurance. It means that it is the most suitable for those homeowners who have rented out or leased their home, condo, or apartment.

Overall, content broad form home insurance is the best to cover renter’s personal residential property. However, the coverage is available at replacement cost. You can get coverage against all those named perils that we have mentioned already in HO-3 home insurance. With this insurance, you can manage your living expenses if your property has become unlivable due to any accident mentioned in the named perils. Additionally, you cannot get liability coverage in the presence of HO-4 contents broad from home insurance.

5. HO-5: Comprehensive Form

To get the highest level of coverage because you have a single-family home, you need an HO-5 comprehensive form home insurance policy. You can compare it with HO-3 home insurance. However, having a comprehensive form of home insurance gives you additional protection with some significant differences.

  • While having HO-3 home insurance, the insurance companies allow you to cover your home at the replacement cost. 
  • On the other hand, personal belongings will not be treated the same way and covered at actual cash value. 
  • However, comprehensive insurance treats both your home and personal belongings similarly. It means coverage for both will be available at the replacement cost.
  • Furthermore, you can get coverage against your named perils similarly while talking about personal belongings. 
  • This facility is not available for those who have HO-3 home insurance. With an HO-5 home insurance policy, you get higher coverage limits for some types of personal property. 
  • Examples of these types are electronics, jewelry, and artwork.

HO-5 home insurance New York is the best if you want maximum coverage or your personal property at your home has a higher value.

Final Words

Although there are many other home insurance policies available in the market, these five insurance policies are the most common. And out of these five insurance plans, the best ones are HO-3 special form home insurance and HO-5 comprehensive form home insurance.

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