The pandemic has led to the acceleration of technological advancements. A field where the advancement of technology has been incredibly beneficial is the EduTech industry and online learning in general. Learning online has innumerable benefits. A few of these benefits include providing an additional source of income, saving time and money, requiring less effort, and being a permanent entity that can be accessed by anyone at any time from anywhere around the world in the form of texts, images, videos, and PDFs.

Running a business online is no more challenging, you can market or start your business using social media at an ease for free.


Multiple platforms have popped up to compete for the title of being the ‘best platform to sell online courses’. This begs the question: “what exactly makes a platform the best platform for selling online courses?” the answer to the question is the ‘the best’ of the online platforms is subjective, much like ‘the best‘ in any other field. There are certain ways one can gauge whether a platform is the best for their needs. Some of these ways are given below:


  • What exactly are you using the platform for?

People make use of online platforms for multiple reasons. Some use it for monetary gains while others choose to use it to simply share their knowledge with a larger audience. Your ‘best platform for selling online courses’ depends on what you use your platform for. Some platforms are suited for educational content while others are suited for other kinds of content. If you are using the platform for monetary gains then your ‘best platform to sell courses online’ would be the platform that offers the highest monetary compensation for your efforts. 


  • What kind of course have you planned to create?

In most cases, the platform you must choose; the platform which will be your best platform to sell courses online will be the one with the maximum amount of content which matches the kind of course you plan to create. Some online platforms offer success to educational courses, while others cater to more creative and imaginative forms. These are usually platforms that don’t distinguish on the kind of content they choose to host. If you choose for the course you create you go on a platform like this then you must do thorough research to have hard numbers on how successful your course will be and whether that success will match up to the success you have envisioned for it. There are also platforms that host specialized content. Some online platforms strictly host only educational content, with countless of these specialized platforms choosing a target demographic to cater to. Most specialized online platforms choose students from first grade till twelfth grade to cater to, as they have prescribed texts allotted by the government and are also easy for adults or even young adults to create courses on.


  • How long is your course?

Is your course made up of videos that are dense and reasonably lengthy or are they shorter with less content? These are important questions to ask when trying to find the best platform for selling online courses. Some platforms are created for hosting content that is shorter while others are made for hosting longer, more in-depth courses. Most online platforms created for hosting lengthy courses can host courses of shorter length but the reverse is not a smart decision. Video quality is a key factor when selling courses online and most online platforms that host shorter content are not programmed to maintain the video quality of long, dense courses. Uploading courses in the longer format on these platforms can also cause them to buffer and lag, which makes the purpose of creating and uploading the entire course meaningless. 


Keeping these guidelines in mind can help the user find the best platform to upload their content. Keep in mind that the best is always subjective. Hence, so is the ‘best platform for selling online courses’.