CPL Course in Australia: Your Pathway to a Thrilling Aviation Career

CPL Course in Australia

Get your lifelong dream of flying multi-engine or jet aircraft fulfilled with a Commercial Pilot License. To be qualified to fly commercial planes, you must complete a CASA-accredited CPL Course in Australia.

This article discusses the various steps one must follow to successfully become a commercial pilot with a CPL and make the sky a boundless canvas upon which to paint the extraordinary story of your aviation career.

Steps to Follow to Earn a CPL in Australia

CPL or Commercial Pilot License course is an extensively designed course made for creating reliable pilots. To apply for a CPL, you must mandatorily have a PPL or Private Pilot License. If you do not have a PPL, follow the below steps then start your journey towards CPL.

Step 1: Select the class and type rating of the aircraft you want to apply for the license.

Step 2: Learn the basics of aircraft and other related components and qualify for the theory examination.

Step 3: In case you plan on using aeronautical radio, you must apply for and pass the General English Language Proficiency or GELP.

Step 4: Finally, complete the mandatory minimum flying requirement and pass the PPL flight test. This is your first step towards qualifying for the CPL course in Australia.

After you have successfully obtained a PPL, continue with the below mentioned steps:

Step 1: Complete the minimum flight time requirements

As per CASA, if you are applying for a CPL you must complete about 200 hours of flight time.

Step 2: Prepare for the basics

Get theoretical knowledge about various topics related to the aviation industry. They include but are not limited to airline laws, aircraft technologies, meteorology, navigation, etc. Passing the theoretical paper is mandatory to proceed to the next stage.

Step 3: Night rating

Though not mandatory, we recommended that you also opt for night-rating certification. This ensures that you are eligible to fly during night times.

Step 4: Apply for the CPL license

The final step to becoming a commercial pilot is to apply for a CPL once you have all the necessary examinations done and fit all the eligibility criteria. Once the CASA or the Civil Aviation Safety Authority accepts your application and issues a commercial license, you can fly for hire or compensation.

Qualifications to Become a Commercial Pilot

Before applying for a CPl, check whether you fulfil the following conditions:

  • At least 18 years of age
  • Have a Class 1 Aviation Medical certificate
  • A high school diploma (not mandatory, but preferred)
  • General English proficiency

Becoming a commercial pilot requires a significant amount of investment in time and effort. A CPL course in Australia requires about 15 months of full-time dedication. However, it is a path that will challenge you to push to your limits, both intellectually and physically. But, the unparalleled thrill of taking flight and soaring through the skies can never be matched with any other profession.