Creating Your Own MP3 Ringtones


    Can you make your own MP3 ringtones?

    Surprisingly, the answer to this question is yes. Even if you have a little technical knowledge, you can easily create your own ringtones from the MP3s you already own. This means that you can get a completely new and original ringtone, not just the standard – lame – tones that come with most cell phones today.

    There are actually many ways to create your own ringtones, depending on the technology you want to learn about it. But if you are not a dedicated computer geek, you may find using one of the many online sites that will help you create your own ringtone and upload it to your phone is a great option.

    These sites are a great alternative to the “free” MP3 rip off sites online Frequency generator. Many of these companies claim to offer free ringtones, but pay a steep monthly subscription fee somewhere in good print. It is notorious for some of these sites to unsubscribe if they accidentally allow you to charge a monthly fee.

    Ringtone Creator websites work in two different ways. Some of them have an online melody composer app to help you create your unique ringtone. Others may have an “audio sample” arranger that you can use to create an MP3 ringtone from any audio file you have.

    However before you get started, you need to provide some information on the websites that create ringtones to make sure that your phone can use the self-generated MP3 ringtones. Once you are sure your phone is compatible, you’re ready to create your own ringtone.

    It should be noted that most of these sites charge a small fee for uploading ringtones to your phone – usually less than two dollars – but this is a great value when you consider which of your MP3s allows you to create a ringtone. Yes, it can be customized to start and end exactly where you want it.

    This last feature is important because most people have a favorite part of their favorite song. This is the part you want to use in your ringtone – the part that you feel best expresses your personality. Once you’ve started signing up, you will find it very easy to set start – end points for your MP3 so that your ringtone plays the exact part of the song you want.

    You’re not busy creating your ringtone – you can take the time you need with different starting points and end points until you get it the way you want it. Remember, you will only be charged for uploading the ringtone to your phone (when) if you are completely satisfied. If it does not come out the way you want, press “Cancel” and you will not lose a single penny.

    And when you consider that these sites do not charge fake subscription fees or membership fees, it’s easy to see why you can create your own MP3 ringtones online.