Cristiano: from being linked to an error by the Colombian army to being forced to attend a sporting event


As expected – and it has been happening globally for more than a decade – every movement by Cristiano Ronaldo generates repercussions in different parts of the world. El Bicho surprised with his arrival in Saudi Arabia at the beginning of the year and although his start was remarkable, in the last days he did not achieve significance due to goals or dribbles. In fact, a clause in his contract and an unusual error in Colombia made him talk to his figure.

What happened in South America? It turns out that a particular situation went viral on social networks: a young Colombian showed on his Twitter account that, after a long process of obtaining his military notebook with the Colombian National Army, he obtained the digital document and it did not have his photo, but that the Portuguese striker appeared.

“It is very expensive to process the Military Book so that they generate it for me with the photo of Cristiano Ronaldo. I ask and they tell me that they don’t know what my photos did, that I have to take them in person again. Why are they playing with people’s time? from Real Madrid.

The young man showed his annoyance in a video for all the procedures he had to carry out previously to achieve it. It should be noted that this is an official document issued by the Government to certify the status of citizens who have or have not provided compulsory military service to the State. And precisely from the Army they issued a press release about this fact in which they indicated that the responsibility lies with the citizen, since he is the one who uploads his information (they even mentioned a criminal process for this). Something that Godoy flatly denied.

Cristiano Ronaldo arrived in Saudi Arabia for this semester after signing a million-dollar contract with Al Nassr. Enjoying his stay, scoring goals and reaping victories, he must also attend, forced! to the Jeddah Corniche Circuit for the next Formula 1 GP.

Yes, you must say present at the Saudi Arabian GP that will be held this Sunday. Because? As revealed by The Sun, when CR7 signed his contract of 500 million euros for seven years in Al Nassr, he credited a clause that requires his presence in Jeddah.

It will not be the first time that he attends an F1 event. In the series I am Georgina, the Portuguese and his partner can be seen in the Monaco GP in 2019 , when he was still a Juventus footballer. Later, in 2021, he also posed with Charles Leclerc and Carlos Sainz.

It is that in addition to being the striker and captain of the capital team, CR7 is also the image of Saudi Arabia before the world, so his presence is essential in the race where he is expected to generate great media attention at the event. Since his team’s date is this Saturday, he will have Sunday off to see Checo Pérez, Max Verstappen, Lewis Hamilton and company up close.