CureMD EMR and SMART Cloud Solution

CureMD Software

CureMD EMR, a powerful solution designed to improve your practice workflow and enhance patient experience, is available. CureMD provides a patient portal which allows you to access your records 24X7 online. This reduces paper work and lowers the number of calls for non-urgent issues. CureMD allows you to view, update, and view patient records as well as lab results and other information.

SMART Cloud solution

The SMART Cloud solution to CureMD allows medical practices to have complete, evidence-based data for better patient care, practice performance, and bottom line. The cloud-based solution provides seamless connectivity with thousands of pharmacies, labs, and other providers. It is easy to integrate CureMD EMR and other software applications within your practice.

It is important that you choose an EMR solution that meets your needs. You’ll need a solution that supports workflow, EDI and E-Prescribing. All of these features and more are available in the SMART Cloud EMR for CureMD.

Integrated design

CureMD, an intuitive electronic medical record system and practice management software that allows doctors to easily manage their patients and records, is flexible and intuitive. It is modular in design, which allows it to adapt to different healthcare units’ needs. It is designed to streamline the workflow of healthcare professionals and help them comply with industry standards. This allows physicians to access their medical records and interact with patients.

CureMD offers an app for iPhone and iPad. The Avalon app allows doctors to view patient records, clinical reviews and notes as well as insurance eligibility. It automates the creation of forms and tracks appointments to aid physicians in their documentation.

Mobile access

CureMD’s cloud-based EMR system integrates clinical data with billing, scheduling, and administration reporting for care delivery agencies. It is easy to use and helps users comply with industry standards. It is also designed to improve the quality of care and efficiency in practice.

CureMD’s mobile application allows doctors to quickly and easily access patient information. This allows them to streamline often tedious operations in their practice. Physicians can also use the mobile app regardless of their location. It can integrate with various healthcare networks and systems so that physicians can access patient data from anywhere, anytime.

Compliance with HIPAA

HIPAA compliance is a crucial aspect of the use of a medical record system software. HIPAA regulations can be complex. Staff members should be familiar with the regulations and have access a manual explaining the correct procedures. Noncompliance can result in severe penalties.

CureMD uses advanced security features and back-up systems in order to protect patient information. You can also use audit trails and restrict access to prevent unauthorized access. CureMD is HIPAA certified and HCPCS ready. It is also compliant with ANSI 5010, the most recent update to HIPAA compliance.

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Ready for ICD-10

CureMD EMR can be used with ICD-10 codes. This feature will allow you to navigate the new coding system. This system will allow you to accurately diagnose and categorize patients. This system will allow you to accurately diagnose and measure patient care. It also creates better standards and processes. Errors can also be reduced by using ICD-10-specific codes. Deep data analytics will also support better research.

CureMD offers an iPad and iPhone application specifically for doctors. Avalon allows doctors to view patient information, clinical reviews and notes as well as insurance eligibility while on the move. It also allows doctors to record their notes.

It is simple to use

CureMD’s integrated software for managing your practice streamlines financial, clinical, and administrative operations. The software allows doctors to access patient data, assign appointments and take payments online. The software also offers customized dashboards that allow practice managers to monitor their practice’s performance. Scheduler module of the practice management software makes scheduling easier across multiple providers and locations. It also includes intelligent billing features like automatic charge capture, electronic claims submission, clean claim checks and denial management.

CureMD’s cloud technology enables users to securely access patient data, communicate directly with patients and comply with industry standards. It also allows users to manage value-based care programs, and comply with regulations. CureMD users can optimize their practice workflows and maximize productivity with all these features.