Personalized Business Card Boxes


Business cards are an essential component for the recognition of your company. They need to be kept well organized and managed, but if you find this difficult, business card boxes can serve their purpose perfectly. With the help of these boxes, you can not only properly organize your important contacts, but also prevent them from breaking or breaking during careless handling. By keeping them in the elegantly designed box, you can enhance the look of your office table, and you can also handle business cards in an organized manner. Custom Boxes World UK can provide you with these boxes in a large number of designs, size variations, and die-cut options.

Many times when you have your business cards printed in large numbers, they are vulnerable to damage. They can easily tear and bend at the edges if left unattended in the drawer or too many can be lost. By making use of classy custom Business Card Boxes, you can safely organize and store them without any hassle. No matter you own a real estate business or run a beauty salon or manage an organization, you can efficiently organize your business cards by making use of these boxes.

Business Card Boxes

There are two types of business card boxes available. One type of box is used to organize and store your own company’s business cards with information about you and your company, while the other type of card is used to store your clients’ business cards. You can have your company logo along with stylish color schemes printed on your company card boxes which will also serve as a marketing tool for your business. You can choose to add partitions and compartments in the same box for added convenience. You can also have them custom-designed with die-cut shapes to grab your customers’ instant attention.

Our exceptional services

Our company provides you with excellent packaging manufacturing and printing services, making us the most sought after in the packaging industry worldwide with the fastest turnaround time. We offer a 100% satisfaction and money-back guarantee in case you don’t like your order.

Our packaging and printing material

We use the finest, strong, durable, 100% biodegradable material of your choice along with the latest printing techniques to bring you the boxes that make your products stand out from the pack.

Our profitable packaging

Ordering wholesale custom business card boxes in bulk will keep your cost to a minimum as we charge wholesale prices for bulk orders.

Reasonable price for business card boxes

The word comfort does not have to sound expensive. Don’t hesitate to order a short run of boxes because Custom Boxes World UK provides specially printed business card boxes at reasonable prices so you can benefit from our card box printing services. We believe that cardboard box orders are for short runs. For our business card boxes, we never have any hidden fees and our prices include all taxes. Plus, we offer free delivery throughout the US. So why not opt ​​for custom business card boxes instead of just being plain? Also, you do not need to appoint an expert to get a design for any box because we are also the supplier of the design capacity, without charging any cost for them. Even offering you low prices, we do not cooperate with our high quality and that is what makes us the first-class box distributor among all manufacturers and suppliers.

Mutual team effort

Using the finest box printing techniques, we take care of printing your invented ideas on business card boxes. We also have die cutting, window cutting, foil stamping, decoration, debarring, spot gloss, top grip, etc. for business card packaging. Foil stamping can be fair. We make great custom business card boxes in the shapes and sizes you want. Custom Boxes World UK is the leading manufacturer and supplier of cardboard, Kraft paper, and corrugated box packaging products. Among these three materials, corrugated cardboard is the one with the greatest permanence. Our field ink sets into the most immovable box stock, making every feature clearly noticeable in finished products.

Supreme quality, aggressive prices

While the quality of our packaging material is certainly the top priority, it shouldn’t help with packaging retention either. At Custom Boxes World UK, we offer a host of print and design options for you to choose from. In addition to choosing the printing design and color idea of ​​your standard business card boxes, you can also request the company sign and mark the printed line on the face to make the first impression. To insert more methods into your boxes, you can also choose between window patches for decoration and additional cutout style. And if you can’t find the exact style you’re looking for, you can always contact us for custom printed business card boxes designed according to your requirements.

Customer service

The best component of hiring our services is that you will find your business card boxes designed according to your needs at cost-effective rates. This alone proves that our custom printed business card boxes are your best choice. You can speak to our friendly and knowledgeable customer service executive to discuss your design condition or to answer any questions and uncertainties you may have.