D-PSC-MN-01 Dell PowerScale Maintenance Exam Dumps


The D-PSC-MN-01 Dell PowerScale Maintenance Exam is a critical component of the Dell PowerScale Maintenance Version 2 Certification. Passcert’s latest D-PSC-MN-01 Dell PowerScale Maintenance Exam Dumps are designed to help professionals prepare for this important exam. It contains a wide range of questions and answers that closely mirror those found in the actual exam. Preparing with these D-PSC-MN-01 Dell PowerScale Maintenance Exam Dumps can increase your chances of passing the D-PSC-MN-01 exam on the first attempt. They allow you to test your knowledge and identify areas where you may need additional study. In addition, they give you a sense of the exam’s format and the types of questions you may encounter, helping to reduce exam day anxiety.

D-PSC-MN-01 Dell PowerScale Maintenance Exam Dumps

Announcing D-PSC-MN-23 Dell PowerScale Maintenance 2023 Retirement 

The Dell PowerScale Maintenance 2023 (D-PSC-MN-23) will be retired on June 20, 2024. The new skills certification credential is Dell PowerScale Maintenance (D-PSC-MN-01) and will be available on June 21, 2024.  If you have already taken the aligned training or previously attempted the exam for the Dell PowerScale Maintenance 2023certification, plan to take the D-PSC-MN-23 exam by June 20, 2024. Once achieved, your credential, Dell PowerScale Maintenance 2023, will not expire. If you’re just beginning your credential journey after June 20, 2024, please choose this Certification: Dell PowerScale Maintenance (D-PSC-MN-01).

Dell PowerScale Maintenance Exam

Dell PowerScale Maintenance exam is a qualifying exam for the Dell PowerScale Maintenance Version 2 Certification. This certification validates the candidate’s knowledge on the PowerScale product installation, cabling and maintenance including its components that make up this system.This exam focuses on the concepts, hardware, and procedures required to install, configure and maintain the hardware in a PowerScale system. Topics include installation and initial configuration procedures, FRUs, CRUs, and maintenance procedures, including upgrades, for all hardware lines of PowerScale.

Exam Topics

Topics likely to be covered on this exam include:

PowerScale Hardware Concepts (25%)

● Differentiate between the architectural components and identify use cases of PowerScale platforms

● Compare design specifications of PowerScale hardware

● Set up PowerScale networking

● Describe the nature and use of software management tools

PowerScale Hardware Maintenance (25%)

● Perform preliminary tasks required for hardware maintenance

● Prepare a node for operation

● Process an incoming FRU request

● Process an incoming CRU request

PowerScale Hardware Installation (25%)

● Plan the installation

● Prepare the site for maintenance

● Describe requirements and steps for installing the rack and subcomponents

● Follow node cabling best practices

PowerScale Implementation (25%)

● Create a new cluster

● Differentiate procedures for joining nodes to a cluster

● Implement alternative accessories or configurations for PowerScale

● Differentiate between the upgrade activities

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1. What is the first step in planning the installation of a PowerScale cluster?

A. Determining the optimal operating system version

B. Calculating the total power consumption

C. Designing the network topology

D. Assessing the physical environment for suitability

Answer: D

2. How do you ensure data continuity during a PowerScale node hardware upgrade?

A. Implement rolling upgrades across the cluster

B. Synchronize all nodes before starting the upgrade

C. Use data mirroring to an external backup cluster

D. Isolate the node being upgraded from the network

Answer: A

3. What preparatory action is necessary to facilitate effective troubleshooting during and after PowerScale rack installation?

A. Creating a detailed network diagram

B. Setting up a temporary command center near the rack

C. Ensuring all tools and spare components are available on-site

D. Photographing each phase of the installation for reference

Answer: D

4. What are key considerations when designing the networking architecture for a PowerScale cluster? (Select two)

A. Network latency

B. Firewall configurations

C. Switch capacity

D. Subnet planning

Answer: AC

5. When preparing a site for PowerScale installation, which of the following considerations are crucial? (Select two)

A. Verifying environmental controls are within recommended parameters

B. Ensuring that the flooring is anti-static

C. Preparing an emergency evacuation plan specific to the data center

D. Confirming that data center staff are trained on PowerScale hardware

Answer: AB

6. Which statement is accurate regarding Dell PowerScale firmware updates?

A. Drive firmware updates require a reboot.

B. Update can only be applied to a node in maintenance mode.

C. Firmware updates require a serial connection to the node.

D. Node firmware updates require a reboot.

Answer: D

7. Which Dell PowerScale interface is the simplest to use for customers?

A. OneFS command line

B. Platform application interface

C. Serial console

D. Web administration interface

Answer: D

8. Which of the following tasks is crucial when installing a new FRU in a PowerScale node?

A. Configuring network settings

B. Validating the compatibility of the FRU with the node

C. Assigning a static IP address to the FRU

D. Creating a backup of the node’s configuration

Answer: B

9. What is a critical aspect of external networking setup for PowerScale clusters?

A. Configuring VLANs

B. Ensuring compatibility with legacy systems

C. Implementing Quality of Service (QoS)

D. Establishing redundant connections

Answer: D

10. What is a fundamental step in creating a new PowerScale cluster?

A. Selecting a cluster name and assigning it an IP range

B. Installing anti-virus software on all nodes

C. Configuring email alerts for system warnings

D. Subscribing to a support plan for hardware replacement

Answer: A