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The automaker said it will increase production of its F-150 electric truck to 150,000 vehicles in the next year, up from an initial goal of 40,000.
The beverage manufacturer posted higher sales last quarter even as the cost of goods such as corn syrup rose.
UNCIEF is calling on governments to recover from the pandemic by investing in stronger healthcare systems to reach the 23 million children who still miss out on vaccines each year.
This month, one of the judges of the event, journalist Allan Au, was arrested on sedition charges.
Indian exports to Russia are costing businesses a fortune, thanks to a surge in crude oil prices and an existing shortage in shipping vessels.
To make matters worse, ships carrying some 3,000 Indian containers bound for Russia are reportedly stuck in Europe and west Asia.
Shipping companies are starting to charge exporters for returning undelivered containers, forcing some exporters to find alternative routes on land, seek new buyers in other countries, or just re-import the items.
All this has significantly increased the cost pressures for exporters, with no clear end in sight.
Kane Tanaka of Japan was born in January 1903, the same year the Wright Brothers flew the first airplane. Find out more in the latest episode of the Quartz Obsession podcast.
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