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Both Gomez and Wijesekera are international students at Yale, hailing from Sri Lanka.
They told the News that it has been difficult being far from family and their home country during this crisis.
Wijesekera described seeing social media videos of mothers who walk for three days to get kerosene to power their home so that their children can study and fathers who queue up for hours for fuel and basic foodstuff. Clair, and Etowah counties of East Alabama.
It is publishing in English language.
It began publication in 1918.
It is owned by Associated Newspapers of Ceylon Ltd Editions: Colombo, Sri Lanka, Etc…
Daily News is a daily newspaper from Colombo, Sri Lanka.
It is owned by Associated Newspapers of Ceylon Ltd.
History is Looking at you for a name.
Protests have spread across the globe in solidarity with Sri Lankans.
Wijesekera told the News that he attended a peaceful protest in New York City on April 3 and noted that there have been protests in Connecticut, Texas, Ohio and California.
In response to the shortage of medical supplies in Sri Lanka, Recovered Medical Equipment for the Developing World at Yale University, or REMEDY, is allocating unused medical resources from Yale New Haven Hospital to donate to Sri Lankan hospitals.
REMEDY, a program that coordinates the collection and storage of open but unused medical supplies from Yale New Haven Hospital, is operationally run by retired nurses John and Cathy Tangredi, as well as a group of medical student volunteers.
Abeyaratne, a Sri Lankan American student, suggested that REMEDY direct some of its collections towards Sri Lanka.