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Our flexible production process and diversified product portfolio have helped us to thrive in the volatile market conditions that followed.
Our balance sheet remains underlevered and we have a fresh series of new organic growth initiatives that are just getting underway.
Nucor delivered breakout record performance in 2021.
Russia and Ukraine have historically accounted for over half of that supply.
However, at the onset of this war, we immediately ceased all purchases of pig iron and any other raw materials from Russian suppliers.
We could do this without disrupting customer supply or quality because we have worked over the years to effectively manage the risks related to our raw material needs.
While we have not been able to source material from Ukraine since the war began, we look forward to partnering with our Ukrainian suppliers when conditions in the region permit. Thompson May 3 Dustin C.
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While the Ukraine-Russia conflict certainly is having an impact on our industry, the much larger concern is the humanitarian disaster that is unfolding in Ukraine.
The images coming out of Ukraine are heartbreaking.
And our thoughts and prayers are with the Ukrainian people who continue to endure significant suffering due to the invasion.
The onset of the pandemic in March of 2020 and the Russian invasion of Ukraine are two recent events that upended markets and showed the resilience and sustainability of our business model.
We have several advantages that are enabling us to manage through this disruption, including good long-term relationships with numerous pig iron producers globally, reliable DRI production capabilities in Trinidad and Louisiana that are particularly helpful in this environment.
Turning to current market conditions, we continue to see robust demand across the key end use markets we serve.
Some markets like automotive continue to be constrained due to supply chain issues.
Last year, we realized outstanding results despite key markets such as automotive and energy being challenged and well below their averages and our initial expectations.
The first quarter of 2022 was similar with very strong overall demand despite continued supply constraints, production challenges in automotive and relatively tepid response for energy products despite strong pricing for hydrocarbons.
And now, let me provide a quick update on some specific growth initiatives.
During the first quarter, we completed our acquisition of a majority stake in California Steel Industries.