Dark Joseph Ravine on Overcoming Personal Struggles


    We often experience challenges in life, which has its ups and downs. We may believe that others are doing better than we are or have easier lives than we do. These are common misconceptions we have that could not be further from the truth. We all struggle in certain areas. Dark Joseph Ravine, positive motivator, social media influencer, and a Guinness World Record holder, shares helpful tips for people who are struggling in life and are feeling envious of the success of others.  Ravine is the founder of Kindness for Success, an online business and movement which is all about making a positive change in the world and in people’s lives. Life struggles are a normal part of life and Ravine discusses how we can overcome those struggles.

    In most cases, we only have a superficial view of people’s lives and with the advent of social media, everyone seems to be having a wonderful time all the time. But despite what we think we see, we forget there is always a bigger picture that we are missing and parts of people’s lives we have no access to.  Ravine explains, “I used to buy into the appearance of things as opposed to the reality. As time passed and I heard more about certain circumstances, I realized that things were not how they seemed. Underneath the surface of seeming perfection is often a darker tale we know nothing about. With all the smiles we see on social media platforms, we can ask ourselves, although these people appear to be happy on the outside, are they truly  happy on the inside? The reality is we can never know how someone really feels. More reason for us to stay away from jealousy because we may be jealous of things which do not exist or things we have crafted in our overactive imaginations.” As with everything in life, nothing is as it seems.

    Ravine shares his advice for overcoming this particular struggle. He says, “Imagine, what would happen if you had what the other person had. Imagine if you could trade lives with someone else for a day. How would that make you feel? You would inherit the good parts of the other person’s life along with the bad. While they may seem successful, there are certain parts of their lives you would not want to deal with. And even if you finally reach your goals, there is no end to what we desire in life. Aim to appreciate the good things in your life and when you do not have something you want or something does not go your way, remind yourself that there is a good reason for this. We are all meant to have certain things and I personally would never want anything that was not meant for me.” Ravine believes that jealousy will never allow people to find happiness in their life because despite achieving their goals, there will always be something else they want that they do not have.

    Ravine’s advice is working on appreciation of our gifts and blessings rather than pursuing what one does not have and likely may never get. This is the foolproof way to achieve happiness and inner serenity. When we constantly want what someone else has, we will, most likely, never be happy with what we already have, and we will destroy our quality of life. We need to remember that there is a good reason for why we cannot get what we want and in due time, we may come to understand the reason.