Succeeding in today’s competitive times is not a cakewalk for any enterprise. Businesses today need to equip themselves with market-centric ways to nail harsh competition in the marketplace with the right business strategies put in place. As we know that no two businesses are the same, and hence, there are no common business growth tools that could be generalized for multitudinous growth.

Over the years, we have been experiencing amplified growth in the data science sector across the globe. Not only just that, the skills required for the industry have also undergone some serious revolution. This commands an explosive set of skills to be deployed by certified data scientists to offer key business insights for elevated business growth. With the boon in technological revolution impacting the productivity and efficiency of enterprises, it becomes critical to understand the role a learned data science professional would play for the benefit of the organization.

Data escalating at a pace that is unprecedented and is sure to surpass the volume in the previous cycle; is one of the driving forces for the data science industry. As per the recent statistics assert; the Global data science platform market size is expected to grow at a CAGR of 26.9% for the period 2020-27.  This is an immense factor in attracting huge investment in the industry. The incredible data modeling process in data science projects involves varied tools that work intelligently for the industry at large. The pandemic has impacted every sector of the worldwide economy. With the supply chain getting affected, this has led to a sea-change in the shopping or online traffic patterns.

The ongoing digitization has compelled organizations, big and small, to invest in big data personnel who can leverage benefits for the industry at large and specifically for their business growth. Data readiness is the key to this paradigm shift due to the technological revolution experienced in every sector. Hence, a strong need for hiring experienced and certified data scientists. This calls for aspiring data science professionals to invest their time and resources in such data science certification programs that are aimed at building the industry-specific skillset, alongside assisting the manifold growth.

Before we delve deeper into the leading data science certifications, it is necessary to understand the difference between the terminology- Certificates and Certifications.

These include courses or boot camps that are offered by a university, college, or training school These are administered by a professional organization or company
These are completed by choice and include skills and experiences relevant to multiple job opportunities It requires students to take an exam or standardized assessment to demonstrate their proficiency in the skills learned
Involves an educational process Involves an assessment process, that highlights a candidate’s knowledge and competency in the specified field


Getting into data sciences these days is no accident. It has to be a planned decision as it involves critical skills for the development of a large Big data industry and their career path as well. Many would question the benefits or value of these certificates or certifications. No doubt every industry has many names on offer to bewilder the aspirants who plan to make it big. But the key remains as these certifications are designed specifically to enhance the current skillset and turn the aspirants into an asset for their future organizations.

One of the most credible and world-renowned data science certifications comes from a leading name in the field of data sciences- USDSI (United States Data Science Institute), among other renowned names such as IBM, Wipro, Coursera, Microsoft, etc. USDSI is ranked highly in the international circuit. Not only do these certifications offer a golden opportunity for the data science aspirant toward a bright future, but these also certify personnel who plan to enter or engage in varied emerging data science majors. USDSI primarily offers three graded certifications that are the most coveted in the realm of emerging data sciences. Certified Data Science Professional (CDSP), Certified Lead data scientist (CLDS), and Certified Senior data scientist (CSDS) are the certifications that are offered by USDSI, that enable learners with diversified skillset to make the most of the programs, those eventually lead them to their preferred data science role. These also come with a digital badge on successful completion, that certifies and authenticates you for a meaty role ahead. With such a wide acceptance range coupled with impactful learning procedures, USDSI is the best bet that would guarantee a safe landing in the data sciences.

The data science certification programs offered by ace data science players are the ones that are sure to pivot your data science career in the right direction and land you in your preferred role. No doubt, to stay consistent in this ever-evolving data science world, one needs to prove their capabilities and skills with every turn of the technological revamp. So, why not invest in the most trusted data science certifications that are recognized the world over and by employers as well?