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How To Take a Day Trip To The Taj Mahal From Delhi

How to Take a Day Trip to the Taj Mahal from Delhi

If you are planning to visit the Taj Mahal day tour from Delhi, it will be an amazing trip experience where you can learn about India’s rich culture and history. During this trip, you will be excited about making the most of this awesome journey, where you can try delicious food, enjoy scenic views all around, do street shopping, and learn about the history of the monuments, etc. I’ll guide you on how to get there, what to see, and ensure your trip is worth watching.

Early Start

If you’re planning a Taj Mahal day tour from Delhi, the first thing you need to do is get up early in the morning and start your journey as soon as possible. For the best scenic view, you need to visit the Taj Mahal during the early sunrise. In addition to this, there are fewer crowds in the morning, making the Taj Mahal look even more beautiful with the reflection of sunlight.

How To Get There?

This is a very crucial thing to decide which mode of transportation will suit us during our visit to the Taj Mahal. The best part is that Agra is well connected by all means, so you can choose a bus, taxi, flight, or taxi according to your comfort. Let us understand more about the availability of trains and other means.

  • By Train: The train is one of the best modes of transportation for a Taj Mahal day tour offering a fast, convenient, and cost-effective journey from Delhi to Agra. You will find amazing breathtaking views and beautiful lakes throughout your journey, making the entire experience worthwhile from the very first step.
  • By Bus: The bus is also a great option to travel from Delhi, and mainly it takes 3 to 4 hours to reach Agra. There are also many options in which private Volvo buses both fully AC and Non AC buses, provide various sightseeing options as a part of the daily tour package.
  • By Air: You can also visit by flight but it is not recommendable as it is more expensive than other means of transportation, or might take much more time than usual. 

Places To Visit in Agra

In addition to the iconic Taj Mahal day tour, many monuments in Agra show its historical significance. Let us understand some of the famous monuments in Agra which are as follows:

Taj Mahal: The Taj Mahal is a famous iconic monument, even recognized as one of the Seven Wonders of Delhi to the World and designated as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It stands as a masterpiece of architecture, situated alongside the Yamuna River, which further enhances the overall magic of the Taj Mahal.

Agra Fort: On the other hand, Agra Fort stands as another beautiful example of Mughal architecture and is also recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage site. This fort is situated near the Taj Mahal and offers events like light shows in the evening. It also provides a stunning view of the iconic monument Taj Mahal. This fort is mainly constructed as the residence for the emperors of the Mughal dynasty.

Tomb of Akbar: The tomb of Akbar, the great Mughal emperor who built the iconic Taj Mahal, is also a famous tourist destination in Agra. It is a place where visitors can explore the rich history and cultural heritage associated with the greatest Mughal emperor.

Convenient Tour Package

If you want to explore beyond just the Taj Mahal, then you can opt for the Delhi Agra Varanasi Tour package in which you get a chance to experience not only the Taj Mahal but also other historical gems and cultural wonders in the region. It’s like a pre-booking plan that includes visits to other famous spots like the Varanasi Ghats and famous landmarks in Delhi. If you go for a Tour package, they sort everything out and provide you with a convenient roadmap for your upcoming journey.

Tips which Help You in Your Journey:

Ticket Booking: In today’s digital era, everybody is aware of online ticketing. If you book your tickets in advance it will be really helpful for you to make your journey hassle-free. You can even select the most convenient timings based on your comfort, ensuring a smooth travel experience.

Classes of Service: You can choose a variety of options online and make changes according to your budget. If you have a high budget then you should go with comfort, such as AC Volvo buses or first-class and second-class seats on trains.

Car Pooling service: If you are running on a tight budget then you can also try carpooling services which travel from Delhi to Agra. These services allow you to share the travel costs with your passenger, making it a more economical option. Before planning your day tour, you need to do some research on available carpooling services.