Dehua porcelain int’l exhibition held at UN


The “Blanc de Chine — Dehua Porcelain” international exhibition tour’s promotional event was successfully held at the United Nations (UN) headquarters in New York on Friday.

The event is part of the exhibition’s U.S. leg.

The international tour’s promotional event in New York kicked off at Times Square on Thursday and is open to the public from March 15-18.

The 105 pieces of national treasure-grade Dehua porcelain are divided into four categories: antique-inspired cultural creations, artisanal porcelain, everyday porcelain, and export porcelain, showcasing the diverse characteristics of Dehua white porcelain.

Fang Junqin, the county magistrate of Dehua County in southeast China’s Fujian Province, said he hopes the event will allow more friends to learn about porcelain, understand Dehua, know China, as well as create more opportunities and provide greater convenience for close exchanges and cooperation between the two sides.

Representatives from Fujian Province, the United Nations, and various countries attended the event and were amazed by the exquisite craftsmanship of the exhibits and their profound cultural significance.

Asim Sharma, chief of the Inter-agency and Intergovernmental Service Office of the UN Under-Secretary-General for Management Strategy, Policy and Compliance, expressed his admiration for the exquisite Dehua white porcelain and thanked the delegation from the Dehua County Government for the invitation.

Daniel del Valle Blanco, permanent observer of the Office of the Permanent Observer of the International Youth Organization to the United Nations, spoke about the importance of cultural exchanges between nations for international cooperation and foreign relations, congratulating Dehua white porcelain, a historical and cultural heritage, on its exhibition at the United Nations.

As one of the “Chinese Brands on the Global Stage” series of activities initiated by Xinhua News Agency, the “Blanc de Chine — Dehua Porcelain” international exhibition tour started in 2023. The plan is to spend five years holding exhibitions, cultural exchanges, and other activities showcasing Dehua white porcelain in more than 20 countries and regions globally.