Delta 9 and its product types:


Delta 9 also called tetra hydro cannabinol is a compound made from one type of a plant called cannabis sativa. Cannabis sativa has many types of plants, marijuana is its one type from which delta 9 THC made. Delta 9 THC used to give the psychoactive effects to a person. It makes the person relax, calm and still. It interacts with nervous system of brain and produce psychoactive effects.

Delta 9 THC is most widely used across the world. It is obtained in the form of herb from the cannabis sativa plant marijuana.

Pure marijuana delta 9 THC are extracted directly from the tree, while safe Delta 9 THC is a mixture of marijuana and hemp cannabis plants. Delta 9 THC is available in form of many different products. Some Well Known forms of Delta 8 THC products are

  • Gummies
  • Vape carts
  • Vape Juices
  • Pain Relivers etc.

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Delta 9 Gummies Produced by Mystic Labs:

Most common and famous place to get the delta 9 THC products is Mystic labs. Mystic labs produce all product types of delta 9 THC product. Mystic labs are famous and trustworthy because of its efficient production. These labs produce delta 9 products in a complete clean and hygienic environment. Mystic labs ensure both safety and legality of its products.

Delta 9 gummies produce at mystic labs are most demandable product of Mystic labs. Gummies produce at our labs are pulpy, full of flavor, coated with sugar icing and gelatin type structured gummies. Our gummies are very tasty and have our premium quality delta 9 THC. Which makes our gummies best among all. Important ingredients use in the production of delta 9 THC gummies by mystic labs are following

  • 10 mg per gummy our premium delta 9 THC directly derived from the industrial hemp tree.
  • Our top quality flavors to make our gummies more tasty and juicy.

These two are the main ingredients in the production of our gummies. Our delta 9 THC gives the long lasting effect and above all it is very safe.

Delta 9 gummies flavors:

Our labs provide top quality delta 9 gummies not in one flavor but in 4 different, unique and tasty flavors. All the flavors are different and of best quality. These flavors are safe from any containments and are tasty. Four flavors of Mystic labs delta 9 gummies flavors are following

Delta 9 Mixed berry flavor:

High Quality Delta 9 gummies mixed with freshly extracted flavor of Mixed berries which makes these Delta 8 gummies tastier and more demandable. Available in both small bottles and packets.

Delta 9 Blue Berry flavor:

Fully ripped blue berries are used to make this flavor and then this flavor is mixed into Delta 9 gummies which makes Mystic lab Delta 9 gummies the best and unique.

Delta 9 Goji berry flavor:

Fully ripped blue berries are used to make this flavor and then this flavor is mixed into Delta 9 gummies which makes Mystic lab Delta 9 gummies the best and unique.

Goji berries produce in complete care are used to make this flavor. This flavor then mixed with the delta 9 THC, making the delta 9 gummies very tasty and effective.

Delta Savage Lime Flavor:

Lime grown into our own farm is used to make this flavor. Flavor of savage lime and Delta 9 THC effects makes it appetible. Package sizes of this flavor available in 5, 12 and 50 counts.

Our gummies are safe and legal to eat. But one shall not eat a lot of gummies at one time. It will affect the health of a person. Eating one half or one whole delta 9 gummy per day is enough to give good effect and this amount is safe to eat also.