Dermatologist in Dubai


If you’re in the UAE and need skin care services, you may wish to see a dermatologist. There are several ways to find a dermatologist in Dubai, including asking for referrals and reading online reviews. After graduating from dermatology school and gaining board certification, dermatologists can start their own practices.


The department of dermatology at Al Das Medical Clinic Dubai focuses on treating skin diseases and preventing their onset.  They provide advanced treatment options and are renowned for their expertise. Some of their treatments include non-surgical peels for photo-damaged skins and microdermabrasion. Other services offered by the clinic include body contouring, reconstructive plastic surgery, and laser hair removal.

A dermatologist can diagnose and treat a wide range of skin diseases and problems, including skin tags and warts.


With the use of a dermatologist directory, you can easily find a dermatologist with the skills and experience you’re looking for. You can narrow down your search by gender, location, and treatment type to find a dermatologist who is right for your needs. You can even read reviews and ratings of different doctors.

The location of the dermatologist’s practice is important in determining the costs of a visit.  The cost of a visit to a dermatologist will include any additional tests the doctor may perform to diagnose the problem.


If you are looking for a dermatologist in Dubai, you have several options. Depending on the type of treatment you need, you may need a dermatologist with a wide range of expertise.

A dermatologist in Dubai can provide a wide range of treatment options to patients, including surgery and nonsurgical treatment. Some of the services available at these clinics include skin cancer screening, cryotherapy, and microdermabrasion.


If you have a skin condition, a dermatologist can help you find a cure. They specialize in treating skin, nail, and hair problems, and can identify over 4,000 different disorders. This enables them to diagnose and treat conditions ranging from eczema to skin cancer and other conditions that affect the skin.

Dermatologists are experts in skin care treatments, and the professionals in Dubai have the training and experience to treat any problem. Depending on the kind of skin problem, a consultation with a dermatologist can cost anywhere from AED 300 to AED 900. Prices vary based on the doctor’s experience and the time spent with you. A consultation with a dermatologist is highly recommended, as many skin diseases are treatable at an early stage.

Dr. Mahaveer Mehta

Dr. Mahaveer Mehta is a well-known dermatologist in Dubai.  His expertise and experience in Laser treatments has earned him international recognition. Read more on BellaViso.

Dr. Mehta is a board-certified dermatologist and has worked in several countries around the world. He is a member of several societies and has presented papers at various international conferences on dermatology. He is also a former board member of the Dermatologic & Aesthetic Surgery International League (DASIL).

Dr. Rami Hamed Center

A multi-specialty day case hospital is located in the heart of Dubai Healthcare City. The hospital has built a huge reputation over the years. Its staff works with a singular focus on gaining the trust and hopes of patients. The center uses evidence-based medicine and internationally-accepted treatment methodologies. The facility is equipped with a state-of-the-art radiology department and elegant sections.

This medical center treats patients from all walks of life. Their staff provides comprehensive care in all fields of dermatology and aesthetics. They offer cutting-edge surgical procedures and anti-aging treatments.