Difference between an Online MBA and a Distance MBA Program

Difference between an Online MBA and a Distance MBA Program

Distance MBA programs were the only means of flexibility in learning for students before the introduction of Online MBA programs. After the commencement of the online MBA program, learning has become more convenient. Online and Distance MBAs are some of the best courses offered by highly accredited universities to offer flexibility to students. The duration of these programs is 2 academic years and the curriculum is divided into four semesters. The programs offer a wide range of curriculum that equip students with the expertise and knowledge that positions them to a great career path in the diverse business landscape. Although both Online and Distance MBA degrees are considered at par with regular degrees, there are huge differences in the mode of learning, examination pattern, and delivery of the program.

Benefits of Online MBA and Regular MBA

  • Degrees obtained through Online MBA and Distance MBA are equivalent to regular MBA degrees.
  • Both programs offer significant flexibility to the students in learning.
  • Students can manage their time for academic learning and other commitments.
  • Online MBA and Regular MBA are UGC-approved programs and only universities approved by the University Grants Commission and All India Council for Technical Education can offer these programs.
  • Both the courses are affordable and pocket-friendly and do not put a burden on the students.
  • Students can avail of easy EMI and loan options which makes fee payment more convenient. 
  • Students can save other expenses apart from course fees such as traveling and relocation expenses.

Difference between online MBA and Distance MBA

Apart from the benefits both programs provide to the students, there are several points on which they differ. Some of the points that differ online MBA from distance MBA are mentioned below-

  • Mode of delivery-  The mode of delivery of both programs greatly differs. Online MBA is delivered through the well-developed Learning Management System of the university. The live classes are conducted by highly experienced and learned professors of the top universities. These classes are also available in recorded form and students can access them at any time as per their requirement and availability. In Distance MBA, the study material is sent to the address of the students and he/she has to manage his learning. No classes are provided to the students and learning is mostly self-paced.

  • Interactive Learning- Online MBA offers interactive learning to students. Apart from live and recorded classes, students are also provided with live webinars, discussion forums, and interactions with industry leaders. This amplifies the learning of the students and they get a broader insight of the industry. There is no room for interactive learning in the distance MBA as the universities offering this program rely on the capability of the student.  There is no platform where universities can organize interactive learning.

  • Examination and Assessment- The examination in online MBA  is conducted through E-Proctored software which facilitates students to attend examinations from their homes only. They are not required to visit the university campus for examination. Students are assessed on the assignment which they can submit to the LMS of the university and the examination is conducted in E-Proctored mode.  Students are offered an On-Demand examination facility and they can attend the examination by booking their slots in advance. In Distance MBA students are required to visit the university campus physically and take their examination there only. There is no scope for remote examination in distance MBA.

  • Technological Requirement- In online MBA, there is a great requirement for gadgets like laptops and Smartphones with a stable internet connection to attend online classes on LMS. Students should be able to use these gadgets to attend classes and examinations. In distance MBA there is no technological requirement as the learning here is mostly self-paced. Examinations are also conducted on the university campus or the centers of the university. So the technological requirement in Distance MBA is negligible.

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In conclusion, apart from all the differences between an Online MBA and a Distance MBA, both program offers significant flexibility in learning to the students. Students should avail the benefits of these programs to advance their careers to new heights.