Difference Between Sterling Silver And Imitation Jewellery

Sterling Silver jewellery Online
Sterling Silver jewellery Online

Jewellery always holds a special place in every girl’s heart. Very few have ever said that they are not fond of jewellery. However, when it comes to precious jewellery like gold, diamond, platinum, and silver, it is very essential to know about the purity of the metal and the quality of the ornament. Sterling silver jewellery is one such precious piece of jewellery that is extremely in demand these days. Silver has been an integral part of Indian households for ages and we are always entranced by its sparkling finish.

What is Sterling Silver?

The composition and characteristics of silver are very similar to other metals like gold and copper which are extremely soft and ductile and malleable that require a very high polish. Gold in its purest form is very hard, on the contrary silver is not so hard in comparison to gold and requires a combination of other metals to make it hard and durable. Though silver is less valuable than gold, it has its value that can be passed on as heirloom pieces to the next generation.

So the question that is raised in everyone’s mind is, ‘What exactly is Sterling Silver? Is it even real Silver?’ The answer is a big ‘Yes’. Sterling Silver is the combination of 92.5% pure silver and 7.5% copper or zinc which is stamped as 92.5 or 925. This combination is perfect to carve beautiful jewellery that is durable and lasts a lifetime. Since 99.9 % silver is very soft and malleable and is a bit difficult to carve jewellery from it, this combination which is termed as ‘Sterling Silver’ is extremely in demand in the case of jewellery and is preferred by the majority.

Types of Sterling Silver Jewelleries

Both heavy-weight and lightweight silver jewellery can be made with sterling silver. Girls of today’s generation mostly prefer lightweight trendy jewellery for regular wear, office wear, and casual events. Sterling Silver Jewelleries from Sylzi are extremely modern and beautiful, very lightweight, and very affordable. Though the copper present in sterling silver jewellery tends to tarnish in humid conditions it can always be prevented by taking proper care of the pieces by cleaning them properly after every use and keeping them in zip-lock bags to avoid moisture. This way the jewellery lasts a lifetime and won’t darken with normal uses.

Trendy modern sterling jewellery these days comes in a rhodium finish that has a high shine like white gold or platinum and it won’t tarnish and the shine will remain intact even after regular use with proper care. Sterling Silver jewellery also comes in an oxidized finish that has a black tint. These are mainly used for traditional and Indo-Western designs and are preferred with Indian looks. They are made into both lightweight and heavyweight jewellery wherein the heavyweight pieces are a bit expensive. Moreover, the best part of Sterling Silver jewellery is that it is extremely versatile and long-lasting which is considered a precious asset that is passed on to the next generation.

Sterling Silver vs Imitation Jewellery

Imitation Jewellery or Fashion Jewellery these days is the talk of the town and are preferred by the young generations and college goers as a huge variety is available at a very less price.

The main difference between Sterling Silver jewellery and Imitation jewellery comes down to the base material with which the pieces are made. It is important to consider the material and the quality of the gemstones that are used in imitation jewellery. Sterling Silver Jewellery is authentic silver jewellery that comes with a certificate of authenticity that lasts a lifetime.

Sterling Silver is expensive as compared to imitation jewellery.

The base metal with which imitation jewellery is made is copper, brass, or aluminum which tends to bend or even discolor over time and are made with simulated stones whose shine tends to go off or even fall over the regular course of time. Imitation jewellery also comes in textiles or leather and even gold or silver coating that needs to be polished at significant intervals of time to keep the shine and look of the pieces intact. Hence the shelf life of imitation jewellery is not much as they are prone to crack or turn dark over usage of time.

Sterling silver jewellery can be fixed at any point in time however it is next to impossible to fix imitation jewellery if broken.

Imitation jewellery doesn’t have resale value whereas sterling silver has resale value and is considered a valuable asset that is kept as an heirloom and passed onto generations. Imitation jewellery is much less expensive as they are made with inexpensive materials as compared to sterling silver jewellery.

Endless replicas are available in imitation that look extremely trendy yet not burning your pocket as they are available at a fraction of the price as compared to sterling silver ones. However, the biggest disadvantage of imitation jewellery is that no matter how beautiful they look it would wear off eventually and won’t last a lifetime, unlike sterling silver jewellery. No matter how big a fashion jewellery brand can be, no one can give a certificate of authenticity or can vouch for its lasting for a lifetime.

Since sterling silver is a bit more expensive than imitation jewellery, not everyone can afford it. However, brands like Sylzi offers you fine Sterling Silver Jewellery that are extremely fashionable yet won’t be a burden on your pocket.

Sterling Silver jewellery is well suited for every age group and is considered a great option for gifting purposes for your friends and loved ones. They are the most appropriate accessory for every formal event, casual events as well as grand events like festivals and wedding functions. Sterling silver jewellery always holds a very special place in your heart and is also considered to be a great asset of investment that has a resale value. They are equally subtle yet beautiful for regular wear as well as extremely gorgeous for special events as well.

The above points would help you sort the differences between sterling silver jewellery and imitation jewellery and would help you to identify original sterling silver jewellery that would last a lifetime.