Digital Fintech: How AI Chatbots Play A Role In Fintech Industry

Chatbots for Fintech

The financial sector and banking business have experienced enormous growth in recent years. FinTech, or Financial Technology, is a cutting-edge programme developed for the financial industry to give next-level customer support to their users using chatbots. Conversation AI chatbots are designed to help customers with their requests in the most dynamic way possible and serve as a guidance channel through which they can better understand the customer’s demands. 

Chatbot and Growing Fintech

A chatbot, also known as digital help, is an artificial intelligence (AI) computer software programme that simulates online chat or text-to-speech in many languages via a website, messaging applications, or a phone. A chatbot is programmed to recognise human abilities. As a result, the chatbot interprets the user’s request and responds quickly.

A chatbot is a low-cost solution that improves any industry’s operational performance by providing customers with convenient and effective services. Chatbots for fintech are used as a catalyst in a variety of sectors. 

With developing financial technologies, AI is built on deep learning to help many clients at once without sacrificing service quality. For instance, with the help of a chatbot, you can do everything from allowing quick money transfers via mobile banking and net banking while maintaining the highest level of security to single-task scheduling chores like paying bills, clearing client invoices, and buying bitcoins, and so on.

Conversational AI chatbots have evolved into a smart solution for the financial and banking industries. They have reduced long lines at their locations, saving time and energy and allowing clients to complete work from anywhere without jeopardising their safety.

Use-Cases of Chatbots in the Fintech Industry

67% of customers use chatbots for customer service around the world. Customer service is regarded as the most important function in the fintech industry. As a result, chatbots for fintech assist businesses in meeting high customer care demands while automating profits and reducing customer service expenses by hiring more people.

24/7 Availability

The 24/7 service can be combined with a hotline number, online, rapid text message support, mobile applications, and social media channels to substantially strengthen the clients’ service. This service is critical to keeping connected at all times, providing a high degree of professionalism, and guiding customers through difficult processes such as barring debit/credit cards in the event of theft, reviewing account balances, generating pins, and so on.

Digital Payments

Digital payments in chatbot fintech are peer-to-peer payments that enable users to complete various financial transactions. For instance, customers’ bank accounts, Paypal, Apple Pay, Stripe, or other digital apps such as Paytm, Amazon Payments, etc., have been linked via automation in fintech chatbots to assist users with paying bills, money transfers, online shopping, and other tasks.


Chatbots, a new fintech technology, assist the sector to grow by promoting it online on popular social media platforms like Facebook, Google, Twitter, YouTube, and Quora. The AI-powered chatbots in finance monitor millions of social media users to target the audience.


A fintech chatbot, for instance, can help consumers with personal financial advice, digital payments, and money growth in various ways. In addition, AI-powered digital financial conversational AI chatbots assist customers in creating and managing online portfolios and innovating savings techniques.

Financial Advice

Getting financial advice online is an intriguing paradox of the real-time digital fintech era. Intelligent AI-powered chatbots for fintech look at a user’s purchasing habits and transaction history to predict and recommend future activities. For instance, if the fintech chatbot detects a positive transaction history, it can assist customers in saving money for the future. On the other hand, it also helps with money management if it detects problematic spending habits.

Fintech is changing people’s perceptions of money. Chatbots help fintech organisations give their clients value-added services while also transitioning from a command-based position to a conversation-based role. Emerging finance technology responds quickly to consumer questions and provides help.

Improved customer service results in higher customer satisfaction, which leads to increased earnings from loyal consumers. In addition, all data gathered by fintech chatbots provides the organisation with insights into how to improve communication and financial success.

Fintech has been ahead of the curve in developing conversational AI chatbots. AI-powered chatbots and conversation bots have considerably benefited banks in communicating with customers at all phases of the customer life cycle. Mtalkz has been at the forefront of India’s Conversational AI revolution, and its robust platform is capable of producing banking-related applications.