Discover Hidden Gems & Outdoor Natural Wonders in Arkansas

Wonders in Arkansas is a unique tapestry of plains, mountains and a fertile delta. Our rich history and heritage is one of Western frontier and part Ozark pioneer, and part of the Old South.

No matter if you prefer to spend your time relaxing in modern urban scenes or outdoor sports. Which make full use of the state’s vast natural resources. We’ll try our best to ensure that you feel at ease when you are on your Arkansas trip. Check the latest deals on Cheap Flights to Arkansas.

Take a deer, duck or Wild turkey hunts shop to find antiques and fishing trout (or big bass) or diamonds. And searching for crystals or diamonds -the list goes on. Arkansas activities offer an array of activities for all.

Be one with nature

The best opportunities for bird watching and wildlife watching are easily accessible to each Arkansas community. Not just the state’s most populous cities.

The achievement of conservation efforts in The Natural State is visible in the various numbers. Arkansas animals and birds such as the threatened Red-cockaded Woodpecker. And the increasing number of Elk that have been reintroduced to the Buffalo National River. In the rising amounts of American African black bears throughout the state.

There are more than 400 varieties of Arkansas birds More than 150 varieties of butterflies. As well as around 20 animals that are listed as threatened or endangered by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service are included in the state’s wild menagerie.

To assist in their protection and increase the enjoyment of the wild animals of the state. There is the Ethics & Tips section available on this website. The majority of state park visitor centres offer the following bird lists. Guidebooks to aid you maximise the enjoyment of your walking in nature.

Botanical Gardens

If you visit Arkansas and you’ll see the reason we are the Natural State. Mother Nature lives all across our state, but especially within our arboretums and gardens.

Through both public and private landscapes, you can see not just trees and flowers but also the landscapes, trails and the art which are embedded into the natural landscape of these gardens.

P. Allen Smith, conservationist as well as author and the host of Garden Home. And “Garden Style,” is the designer for Moss Mountain Farm. Where they have green and lush gardens to entertain groups and weddings, private parties and other occasions.

The gardens are botanical gardens throughout the state that showcase the regional landscape, plants, trees and wildlife and are also used to hold events, concerts as well as seasonal activities.

Any season of the year, our gardens will impress anyone who loves flowers. Arkansas is a vibrant palette of colours as the vast range of flowers. That are native to our state start to blossom. The redbuds, dogwoods, and Jonquils of spring will soon give way to a variety of wildflowers. That provide an array of flowers throughout the summer.

Through the autumn months, you can catch the autumn foliage which has explosions of golds, reds, and oranges. This continues into our mild winters when the evergreens of California shine.


In the midst of the beauty of The Natural State, and surrounded by cool air and surrounded by the warmth of a fire in the camp, your camping trip in Arkansas is guaranteed to be unforgettable. It’s a great place to enjoy fresh air and stunning landscapes and a campfire roasting s’mores and marshmallows.

There’s no other way better to enjoy your time away. The stunning landscape is a magnet for outdoors fans of all age groups. Campgrounds are available throughout Arkansas all the way from to the Ozarks up to and including the Delta region. Campgrounds offer an array of choices, such as basic hike-in sites, as well as parking lots that have access to camping facilities.

With streams and lakes stretching across the landscape, you are sure to find a camping spot that is ideal for water sports as well as activities such as fishing, boating, kayaking, swimming, and much more.

Daisy State Park is located along the shores of Lake Greeson in the Ouachita Mountains. It offers lakesides with picnic areas and boat launch ramps as well as ATV trails and hiking trails. To experience a truly unique adventure take a trip to Turpentine Creek Wildlife Refuge in Eureka Springs.

The refuge is located on the top of an Ozark Mountain ridge, the refuge is the home of exotic and native species, and offers sites for tent campsites and camping.

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Lakes and Beaches

Within those 23 parks situated on rivers or lakes eight offer Arkansas beaches. They are De Gray Lake, as and lake Catherine, Charles, Dardanelle and Ouachita, Village Creek, Woolly Hollow, Crowley’s Ridge along with Jackson port along the White River.

Thirteen U.S. Army Corps of Engineers lakes in Arkansas have sandy shorelines. The crystal aqua blue water of Beaver, Bull Shoals, Greers Ferry. Nor fork as well as Table Rock lakes are all hidden in the mountainous terrain. There are three of these sparkling Diamond Lakes, Ouachita, De Gray along with Greeson, are Corps properties. Lakes Catherine and Hamilton are two private-owned bodies of water.

Eight water-based playgrounds are situated in the midst of the abyssal forest of Ozark as well as St. Francis national forests. Cove, Spring, Horsehead and Shores lakes, along with Lake Wedington and Long Pool are situated in the Ozarks.

St. Francis in the eastern region of this state has Bear Creek and Storm Creek lakes. The Ouachitas, Albert Pike, Charlton, Jack Creek, and Knoppers Ford recreation areas are situated on the banks of mountain streams as well as small lakes. Lake Sylvia and Shady Lake are also well-known swimming destinations.

Natural Springs

Natural springs are an excellent method to rejuvenate and revitalise your body, body, and spirit. A trip at the natural hot springs of Arkansas is the ideal getaway for any group no matter if you are seeking things to do with couples, family, friends, or even families.

You can feel the natural rush along with the warmth of water when you visit Hot Springs, where you can take in the stunning splendour of springs all over the city.

Hot Springs and Hot Springs National Park have their origins in a variety of springs which still provide natural heated water for thermal baths. When you visit, you can relax in the hot thermal spa or hot springs, stroll along the popular Bathhouse Row, or stay in one of the resorts in the town.

The springs are flowing in various locations in the town, and even at the renowned Basin Spring Park on Spring Street.